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Sep 30, 2014

U.S. expands effort to track foreign fighters in Syria: security official

OTTAWA (Reuters) – The United States is making “enhanced and concerted efforts” to track foreign fighters in Syria who may be planning attacks on American territory, a top U.S. official said on Tuesday.

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said on a visit to Canada that about 12,000 people from around the world had traveled to Syria over the last three years to fight in the civil war and join militant groups such as Islamic State, also known as ISIL.

Sep 30, 2014

Canada’s economy stalls in July after 6-month growth streak

OTTAWA, Sept 30 (Reuters) – Economic growth in Canada
stalled unexpectedly in July, breaking a six-month streak of
gains and ensuring the Bank of Canada will be in no rush to
raise interest rates.

Statistics Canada said on Tuesday that real gross domestic
product in July was unchanged from June. Market analysts had
expected a 0.2 percent advance.

Sep 26, 2014

EU, Canada dismiss German minister’s threat to block free trade pact

OTTAWA, Sept 26 (Reuters) – The European Union and Canada on
Friday dismissed threats by a top German politician to block a
free trade deal the two sides wrapped up in August after five
years of often difficult negotiations.

The deal could increase bilateral trade by a fifth to 26
billion euros ($34 billion) and is widely seen as a template for
a larger trade pact between the EU and the United States.

Sep 25, 2014

It’s deja vu: EU and Canada will hail end to trade talks, again

BRUSSELS/OTTAWA (Reuters) – Germany’s rejection of part of a multibillion-dollar trade deal between the European Union and Canada threatens to derail the agreement, in a potentially embarrassing re-run of a breakdown a year ago.

On Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso are due to announce in Ottawa the end of five years of negotiations on the trade accord, with the finalization of a 1,500-page text that its architects say should increase two-way trade by a fifth, to 26 billion euros ($33 billion) a year.

Sep 24, 2014

Bank of Canada says its policy can diverge from Fed’s

OTTAWA, Sept 24 (Reuters) – Canadian monetary policy can
diverge from that of its neighbor to the south, even as the U.S.
Federal Reserve’s exit from its extraordinary stimulus measures
will likely raise market interest rates in Canada and weigh on
the loonie, a Bank of Canada official said on Wednesday.

Deputy Governor Timothy Lane also warned that the unwinding
of the Fed’s policy could pose risks to the financial system
globally as asset prices and volatility now reflect liquidity
spawned by the accommodative actions of central banks in the
United States and other countries.

Sep 19, 2014

Above-target inflation puts rate pressure on Bank of Canada

OTTAWA, Sept 19 (Reuters) – Canada’s annual inflation rate
remained above the Bank of Canada’s 2.0 percent target in August
for the fourth month in a row, putting pressure on the central
bank to drop its neutral stance on interest rates.

Statistics Canada said on Friday overall inflation held firm
at 2.1 percent while the closely watched core rate unexpectedly
jumped to 2.1 percent from 1.7 percent in July to hit a level
last seen in April 2012.

Sep 17, 2014

Canada says will fine CN Rail for failure to ship enough grain

OTTAWA, Sept 17 (Reuters) – The Canadian government will
fine Canadian National Railway Co for failing to meet
minimum weekly grain volumes under an official order demanding
railways ramp up grain shipments or face penalties, a
spokeswoman for Transport Minister Lisa Raitt said on Wednesday.

The maximum weekly fine is C$100,000 ($91,100) and Raitt
will decide the amount, the spokeswoman said. A spokesman for CN
Rail said any such move would be unfounded.

Sep 17, 2014

Ukraine President thanks Canada for saving lives in rebel war

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko received a rapturous welcome usually reserved for sports stars from Canadian lawmakers on Wednesday as he thanked the country for helping save lives in the battle with Russian-speaking rebels.

Canada last month promised to provide Kiev with helmets and bullet-proof vests to help it secure the unstable eastern region, scene of heavy fighting.

Sep 15, 2014

Canadian PM says anemic job market poses significant challenges

OTTAWA, Sept 15 (Reuters) – Canada’s anemic job market poses
“significant challenges,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper
acknowledged on Monday, while promising new measures this year
to help boost the economy.

Harper’s right-leaning low-tax Conservatives, who are
trailing in the polls ahead of an election scheduled for October
2015, portray themselves as the only party that can be trusted
to maintain economic stability in the wake of the 2008

Sep 12, 2014

Say ‘Non’: Quebec referendum offers lessons for pro-union UK leaders

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canadian politicians who almost saw their country torn apart by an independence referendum in 1995 say pro-union British leaders have been slow to learn lessons from that campaign but can still take steps to win the vote Scotland will hold on Sept. 18.

In a campaign with striking similarities to the Scottish vote, the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec came within a whisker of deciding to split up Canada in the 1995 referendum, which saw support for separatism spike in the final week.

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