For whom the bell tolls

January 29, 2009

Attendees are pictured during a pause at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos January 28, 2009.

Government in the driver’s seat, putting the brakes on unbridled capitalism, might be the theme at Davos this year. But the New York Stock Exchange is undeterred. It will ring the opening bell of the storied stock exchange on Friday from this snowy mountaintop.

This will “emphasize the spirit of the gathering and highlight the global markets of NYSE Euronext” it said in a press release. If the NYSE truly wants this to reflect the business atmosphere here, then the bell will have to be rung very slowly and in somber tones.

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Let’s sit and wait.
Capitalism is dying. When Communist died there was hope of Capitalism being a solution, now what’s the alternative?

Not me to find an answer, as a photographer I can only report it

Valueless – The Decline of The British Empire
A photographic journey into UK recession

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Davos 2009 Conference Shows The World At An Economic Crossroads……  /davos-2009-conference-shows-world-at.h tml

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Capitalism was never allowed to work. Corrupt humans intervened.

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“Capitalism was never allowed to work. corrupt humans intervened”.
Same thing happened with the Communism. But China is the best position during this crisis.

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