Ask Nouriel Roubini

January 29, 2010

US-ECONOMY/ROUBINIGot a question you would like to ask economist Nouriel Roubini? Now’s your chance. Roubini will be joining us in Davos later today for a social media interview and we want you to send us questions to put to him.

Roubini, Professor of Economics at New York University and co-founder of RGE Monitor)  is one of the few economists to accurately predict the global financial crisis, warning of turbulence in the housing market, loss of consumer confidence and a deep recession.

The interview will be streamed live and you can watch it in this blog post or on our Davos 2010 live blog at 5:20pm GMT (12:20 ET and 6:20pm local time). Reuters columnist Felix Salmon will conduct the interview and put your questions to Roubini.

Submit a question by leaving a comment on this blog or by using the hashtag #askroubini on

Update: Here’s an archive of Felix and Nouriel’s conversation:


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Didn’t Felix used to work for Roubini?

Posted by Citoyen | Report as abusive

Can we trust any of the economic statistics that come out of China? Also, how long can China continue to manipulate its currency? At some point don’t markets have to correct the imbalances?


Posted by SJSFin | Report as abusive

I would like to know what Mr. Roubini thinks of Obama Financial Reform bill in the senate. Does he agree deposit banks should be taking risks on trades?

Posted by Themain | Report as abusive

I would like to hear Mr. Roubini’s view with regard to making some sort of compulsory global corporate governance code on too-big-to-fail multinationals. Would’nt that help fend off some needless threats to golbal financial stability? Something, say, like Basel II codes??


Posted by I.akoum | Report as abusive

The retirement of the baby boom generation will have dramatic effects on the mainstreet economy, housing prices and stock market prices.

Can you explain the potential impacts ? Deflationary or lower housing prices.

Posted by mipi | Report as abusive

why does market crashes happen every 80 years?

Posted by rigsby | Report as abusive

What do you think about the second dip to the recession. Seems like a lot of analysts are looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but they don’t seem to have much experience.


Posted by fred5407 | Report as abusive

What major threats do you see to the economic health of Europe in the next five years and what steps would you advocate to minimise or overcome those threats?

Posted by rebalance | Report as abusive

Hi. In my previous question to Mr. Roubini, I failed to be specific. I meant financial multinationals per se.. thanks.

Posted by I.akoum | Report as abusive

What do you think of the US economy’s future in the short and long term, given the way congress thwarts most initiatives of Obama?

Posted by sarwar.ahmed | Report as abusive

Is GLD as safe as gold? What percent of your portfolio to each?

Posted by jbritely | Report as abusive

Do you believe the %5.7 gdp growth?

Posted by jbritely | Report as abusive

Based on your outlook of the economy in the long term (10 to 20 yrs), How do you suggest individual investors construct their portfolios? If growth will be sluggish should one focus on income generating securities in a portfolio? In your opinion, what is the expected rate of return going forward for the S&P 500 giving the current conditions and future expectations? Finally, has systematic risk being permanently increased or altered? Thanks!

Posted by Kishor_Bhatia | Report as abusive

Dear Felix

How can I see a transcript of the interview. thanks.

Posted by I.akoum | Report as abusive