Is Davos still relevant?

January 13, 2011

DAVOS/Among the most commonly asked questions during the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos (along with ‘which famous people have you seen?’ and ‘is it still snowing?’), is this: ‘will it actually achieve anything?’

It’s a divisive issue, and one that comes up every year. Here’s a link to a video of Reuters’ Chrystia Freeland and Felix Salmon discussing the merits of Davos. As you’ll see, they don’t agree with each other.

The conference certainly brings together an impressive list of the world’s leading politicians, businessmen (and, if the organisers have anything to do with it, businesswomen), kings, queens, and heads of charitable organisations, providing them with the rare opportunity to be in the same snowy ski resort at the same time so they can discuss new ideas, network and solve all the world’s problems.

That’s the idea anyway. Some critics, however, argue that it’s all an expensive waste of time, with little to show for our efforts.

What do you think? Does the WEF meeting in Davos fulfil founding chairman Klaus Schwab’s vision of finding solutions to the major global issues of the day or, post-economic crisis, is it time for a new approach?

Take part in our poll and, once you’ve voted, why not also leave a comment below explaining why you voted yay or nay.

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Has Davos ever been relevant, other than being an echo chamber? Has it ever solved one issue involving those not in the top 0.0001%?? Just seems like a way for the “media” to get “access”, and for said “access” to lay the groundwork on how the “media” can keep such “access”.

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The hope is that change will come.

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