Is Davos really a zoo?

January 18, 2011

Watch Reuters Global Editor at Large Chrystia Freeland and Reuters finance blogger Felix Salmon debate the utility of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos and trade memories about their experiences at Davos over the years.

While Chrystia thinks Davos is a good hunting ground for journalism, Felix thinks it’s “mostly zoological.” Felix may have zero hope for the conference, but there are two topics Chrystia wants to know more about:

  • global financial imbalances — and what the Chinese are going to be saying to the Americans about that?
  • global income inequality, Chrystia’s “obsession,” and is that going to be a theme, too?

One question remains, will Felix maintain his solidarity and allegiance to the underdog? Or will he have a “frisson”?

Felix and Chrystia will be reporting from Davos and bringing you the highlights from there, so please follow our coverage of it. Even if Felix thinks nothing might come from the conference, at least, he says, it will be fun and you always meet fascinating people.


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