Davos Notebook

The Pepsi challenge: avoiding guilt by association

January 30, 2009

One theme emerging out of this year’s Davos meeting is the corporate world’s annoyance with bankers. They feel that they have been brought low not by their own sins but by an out of control finance industry beset by greed and skewed incentives.

For some, the show must go on

January 30, 2009

Just as interesting as the absence of many of the bankers who would normally be expected to be at the WEF meeting in Davos is those who are here.

You’ve heard of the G20 – now get ready for the B20

January 30, 2009

Speaking today at the WEF meeting in Davos, HSBC Group chairman Stephen Green called for the setting up of a “Business 20″ – or B20 – forum comprised of the world’s largest companies, including those in the developing world, with a focus on those with international operations.

Banks to be disintermediated? or is that just replaced?

January 30, 2009

Is it actually distintermediation if the thing being disintermediated has ceased to function?

Overheard in Davos

January 30, 2009

One of the best things about Davos is the conversations you overhear. It’s like no place else.

Davos Today – 30th January

January 30, 2009

Watch interviews with top business and world leaders including the following:

    Stephen Green Jeroen Van Der Veer Simon Crean Kris Gopalakrishnan John Chidsey Steve Pagliuca
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For whom the bell tolls

January 29, 2009

Attendees are pictured during a pause at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos January 28, 2009.

Government in the driver’s seat, putting the brakes on unbridled capitalism, might be the theme at Davos this year. But the New York Stock Exchange is undeterred. It will ring the opening bell of the storied stock exchange on Friday from this snowy mountaintop.

London — warmer and cheaper

January 29, 2009

London is cheaper and warmer, at least compared with Davos, says London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Hank Paulson is not Gavrilo Princip, Lehman is not the Archduke Franz Ferdinand

January 29, 2009

Was letting Lehman go down the biggest mistake of the crisis? Many, including George Soros in the Financial Times, have argued that letting Lehman go down sowed panic to markets, consumers and businesses.

Reality bites in Davos dramatization

January 29, 2009

“Oh! Can I cover this story?!”

I ran over to my assignment editor and thrust the press release under her nose.

“A refugee camp simulation? Full of CEOs? Great idea for pictures. Go for it,” she said.