Davos Notebook

My favourite Wiki entries – by Wiki founder at Davos

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales reveals his favourite Wiki entries: Heavy metal umlaut and Inherently funny word

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UNAIDS at Davos: Businesses starting to tackle HIV/AIDS challenge

Peter Piot, executive director of UNAIDS, says businesses are waking up to the need to get involved in tackling HIV/AIDS – a disease that threatens the most productive part of the workforce. But the response is still not enough and the world must avoid complacency,

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Morgan Stanley’s Zaoui on global dealmaking and market turmoil

Morgan Stanley’s vice chairman for institutional securities talks about the impact of market turmoil on global dealmaking.

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Ihlas’ Ahmet Oren on Turkey’s media challenges

Ahmet Oren, head of media company Ihlas, says Turkey’s delegation is the country’s biggest ever at Davos and explains the challenges its media is facing. This video was captured by Publicis’ John Rossant.

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Guilty until proven innocent?

The morning session on sovereign funds pretty much boiled down to them saying, “Why regulate us when we’ve never yet done any of the things you are worried about?”

Mohamed Al-Jasser, vice governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, said that it was as if they were being presumed “guilty until proven innocent.” Bader Al Sa’ad, of the Kuwait Investment Authority said they’d been in business 55 years without any politically enforced decisions:

“All this fear about sovereign wealth funds has no real basis.”

Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman and CEO of Blackstone, was, as might be expected from someone with a substantial shareholder in the form of the Chinese, nearly lyrical in his praise.

Sovereign fund life support system?

Day two at the World Economic Forum at Davos and Sovereign Wealth Funds top the agenda, with a major panel discussion this morning.

There was a definite sense yesterday that a number of business leaders and policy makers were trying to head off anti-SWF sentiment.

You can kind of understand why, should nationalistic or protectionist sentiment rise and block SWF investment, especially in the ailing financial sector, a key source of very much needed funding, perhaps the biggest source, would be lost.

Deputy Iraqi PM at Davos: Iraq needs oil revenues

Deputy Iraqi Prime Minister Ahmad Chabali tells reporters in Davos that “Iraq needs all the revenues it can get” in order to meet its immediate needs.

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Philip Thorpe introduces the Qatar Financial Centre

The head of the Qatar Financial Centre regulatory authority talks to us at Davos about the newly created organization.

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