Some go to Davos to think great thoughts. Some go to mingle and network. Some go to give or get answers to intractable problems.


Sure I’m here for the work – Reuters news is deeply involved in coverage with live TV every morning and a team of specialist journalists digging for scoops; I’m also moderating a couple of panels on Asian Innovation and on Brazil’s potential and participating in a further one on collaboration.

But forget all that, and the cocktail parties and the networking with other members of the International Media Council.

What I like is the art.

For me, Davos’s hidden gem is the Kirchner Museum.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (May 6, 1880 – June 15, 1938) was a key early figure in Expressionism and settled in the mountains of Davos after suffering a nervous breakdown in World War I.

The current exhibit at the museum on Kirchner’s late works strikes me as particularly appropriate for this post-financial crisis world.