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Elizabeth Warren’s wish list: subpoena power and a gun

April 27, 2009

    Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard thinker named to head the bipartisan TARP oversight panel, has long beaten the drum of accountability and transparency for the $700 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program aimed at pulling the U.S. financial system back from the brink.

    But, she says, like everyone who ever went to law school, what she secretly wants is “a gun and badge” as she goes after wrong-doers.

    Warren jocularly acknowledged she was unlikely to get a sidearm anytime soon, but told Reuters Global Financial Regulation Summit in Washington that she would settle for subpoena power.

   “Subpoena power would certainly strengthen the hand of the panel. if Congress wants a stronger oversight panel, then the panel needs subpoena power.”

   No immediate word on the intended targets.