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Aug 19, 2010
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Fambul Tok in Sierra Leone


During Sierra Leone’s civil war thousands of children were forcibly conscripted and used to terrorize and kill civilians. After the war ended in 2002 many didn’t return home for fear of  revenge attacks but a new programme is trying to build bridges between them and their victims.

Baiima village seems peaceful now but 19 years ago it was the scene of some brutal attacks when civil war broke out. Massah Jusu can vividly remember the violence she and her family were subjected to by rebels at the time.

Dec 22, 2009
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Sweet potatoes to beat climate change?

A major obstacle to producing enough food has been the dry weather which hit many African countries last year, including Kenya, where 10 million people urgently needed food when rains failed. Now Kenyan farmers have been asked to grow drought tolerant crops to help prepare for the effects of climate change.

Nancy Opele has been growing sweet potatoes on her farm in Kenya’s western Trans Nzoia district. She started growing the potatoes in 2003 after researchers approached farmers and introduced them to the crop.