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Sep 11, 2015

Voting begins in Singapore poll set to test ruling party’s dominance

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Voting began in Singapore on Friday in the city-state’s most hotly contested general election, which could bring the sternest test of the long-ruling party’s dominance of politics even though it is bound to win.

Years of strong growth have turned the island nation into an international financial hub with spotless streets and malls, well-tended parks and living standards unmatched in Southeast Asia.

Jul 28, 2015

Britain seeks to stop foreign “dirty money” hiding in UK property market

SINGAPORE, July 28 (Reuters) – Britain on Tuesday said it
would clamp down on the use of “dirty money” to buy up expensive
properties, promising to expose the owners of anonymous foreign
shell companies hiding cash in London’s buoyant housing market.

Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking in Singapore on a
regional trade visit, said the promise was part of
anti-corruption efforts to ensure that Britain did not become a
“safe haven for corrupt money from around the world”.

Mar 19, 2014
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Replacing Flight MH370


More than a week has gone by since the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 went missing. It has been a mad few days on the ground reacting to the twists and turns of the story.

Since the news first broke, there have been reports of an oil slick off the coast of Vietnam, identities of the passengers have been questioned, technical analysis of flight communications have been discussed, and a whole spectrum of conspiracy theories and unverified photos have been circulated on the internet.

Jan 28, 2014
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Singapore – Gateway to Asia



By Edgar Su

Singapore’s port is one of the busiest in the world and has long been a key part of the island’s economy. I took some time last year to document the shipping hub, and was surprised to see how closely life in Singapore is linked to it.

Walking along the coast on a fine day, you’ll see countless ships anchored in the sea around the city-state. At East Coast Park, where many leisure activities take place, I saw a group of school girls conducting soccer training as tankers lined up to make a call at the port. It was quite a peculiar scene – in the foreground daily life was going on, but in the backdrop a massive industry was working around the clock to get cargo shipped or vessels refueled.

Jun 24, 2013
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Singapore’s hazy skyline



By Edgar Su

As someone who has lived in Singapore all my life, haze is not unusual, it is somewhat a seasonal event that I have become used to. But last Monday was different, I woke up to a slightly smokey smell in the air and the view outside my apartment was more hazy than usual. Immediately, I checked Facebook to see what my friends working in the city were experiencing. Many posted pictures of a very hazy skyline from the view in their office and remarked that even the air in the subway and malls smelled of smoke.

I immediately made my way to the business district to have a look. My first instinct was to get up to the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands hotel to get the best vantage point available in the city. On the way up, a hotel staff member apologized to me in the elevator, “I am sorry for the view today”. He was right, from the observation deck, the haze was so thick that I could only see the outlines of landmark buildings.