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When you have demonstrated the ability to “find a need and fill it” with the foresight and success of Bill Gates, you will be able to demonstrate by personal example the “right way” to live. Until that time, what gives YOU the right to judge HIM or what he does with HIS money?

You offer only the sour grapes of the many unmotivated, uninspired and relatively low achieving Americans who only see themselves as victims of the successful. You see Bill Gates as a psychopath? To what question are YOU the answer, and why?

Bill Gates is an excellent example of all that capitalism has to offer. No American is one dollar poorer for all of his success and wealth. The Australians have an appropriate expression… “Good on ‘ya” which I believe is another form of “Well Done”.

His charity work has been so well researched and implemented that Warren Buffet and others have made large contributions of THEIR wealth because they are favorably impressed. Why is it that only those with NO significant ability to favorably influence the well being of countless others claim to be such experts on how to do that? Please.

By: brotherkenny4 Fri, 24 Jan 2014 20:15:21 +0000 A man that evaluates his own success only upon what he acquires is devoid of understanding about what makes life good or bad. Bill Gates is supposedly worth nearly 100 billion, and yet he gives 0.5% to charity. A man with a 100 billion who also understood life and what makes it good or bad would soon be invested in many things that may not return his investment. Yet, apparently Bill doesn’t have enough money. He is like so many that lack a human side, attracted to the “market” and it’s mystical way of choosing the future. He and others say “let the market decide”. They do this because they are incapable of knowing a path of meaning and determination. They have no answers. In the cult of personality that we live in, we have made the rich celebrities to be admired, yet they are some of the least admirable people that exist and their need to continually aquire more still, shows this to be true. When they have so much as to never have want again, but yet consider their aquisition processes ethical and necessary, we know them then to be psychopaths.

By: OneOfTheSheep Fri, 24 Jan 2014 20:06:56 +0000 “It may be better to live in a trailer with satellite TV and an abundance of cheap, unhealthy food than to live in a shanty in Mumbai or a refugee camp in the Congo, but those groups do not live next to one another.”

Nonetheless, those Americas complaining of “Globalization” are really voicing their reluctance or denial to consider or compare their own circumstances and welfare with those not next door. They don’t think that should HAVE TO.

“…much of the modern world uses growth as the mark of progress. That means an expectation of more, more and more. It is also true that even in the most affluent societies, many people earn lower incomes and feel disconnected from the wealth and lifestyles of their peers.” Yep, that’s the underbelly of America today. Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee.

“…as basic needs are met on a global scale, we will have to address a new suite of challenges ranging from how much more calories, clothing, square feet, years and income we need individually or collectively to thrive. Once most of the human race has secured the basics, it will not be the end of history. We will continue to ask questions of how to satisfy the next level of needs, what to strive for, how much is enough and does everyone indeed have enough.” And thus we come to the REAL battle yet to be fought.

There are hose who believe quantity of life is more important than quality of life. These people want every egg fertilized, every fetus brought to term, every opens space on earth covered with human protoplasm as quickly as possible no matter the concurrent destruction of every aspect of a sustainable environment.

If dominant, these people will bring about a “Soylent Green” future ending when our big blue marble is a big brown marble utterly devoid of higher forms of life, or life at all.

Opposing them are those concerned with quality of life. They know that the SEVEN BILLION humans (plus “buns in the oven, etc.) cannot continue increasing in number without plan or effective restraint because each of more and more people can only expect less and less in terms of quality of life.

Unfortunately related strife will be one of cultures, traditions and religions. None are more bloody or difficult to resolve on the basis of reason and mutual consideration. The “more people” faction see the “quality of lifers” as unacceptably greedy and selfish, such terms being inseparable from personal experience and expectation.