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Dec 19, 2011

Egypt clashes move into fourth day, U.S. worried

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian security forces fought opponents of army rule in Cairo for a fourth day on Monday and the United States, worried by the violence, urged the generals to respect human rights.

Medical sources said the death toll had risen to 13 since Friday. Hundreds have been wounded and scores detained.

Dec 19, 2011

U.S. worried by Egypt clashes now in fourth day

CAIRO (Reuters) – The United States said it was worried by violence in Egypt and urged the army rulers to respect human rights as security forces wielding batons and firing teargas fought for a fourth day on Monday with protesters demanding an end to military rule.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also condemned excessive use of force by security forces in Cairo protests that have widened a rift among Egyptians over the role of the army and cast a shadow over the country’s first free election in decades.

Dec 15, 2011

Islamists set to dominate in Egypt vote

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptians voting on Thursday said they felt empowered by the first free election after Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule, a poll likely to give Islamists the upper hand in a parliament that will help shape Egypt’s new constitution.

The army, which took over after Mubarak was ousted, remains in charge until a presidential election in mid-2012, but parliament will have a popular mandate that the military will find difficult to ignore as it oversees the transition.

Dec 15, 2011

Egyptians set to give Islamists biggest bloc in vote

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptians return to polling stations on Thursday in a phased election likely to give Islamists the biggest bloc in a parliament that will play a key role in drafting a new constitution after decades of autocratic rule.

The vote being staged over six weeks is Egypt’s first free polls after a series of rigged elections under Hosni Mubarak, who after almost 30 years in power was driven from office by a popular uprising in February.

Dec 14, 2011

Egypt Islamists try to hold lead in second round of voting

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptians voted Wednesday in the second round of a parliamentary election with Islamist parties seeking to bolster early gains and secure a dominant position during the transition from army rule.

Islamists have capitalized in the poll on grassroots networks built up even when they were repressed by Hosni Mubarak, though Islamist groups took a back seat initially in the uprising that toppled the president in February.

Dec 8, 2011

Islamist president hopeful tells army not to meddle

CAIRO (Reuters) – A leading Islamist presidential hopeful said on Thursday the army had no right to meddle in drawing up Egypt’s new constitution and said the elected parliament, on course for an Islamist majority, should control the drafting process.

Abdel Moneim Abul Futuh, who was turfed out of the Muslim Brotherhood after defying its decision not to run for the presidency, also told Reuters he did not expect even hardline Islamist parliamentarians to demand new Islamic ideas be written into the constitution beyond those already in the old one.

Dec 7, 2011

Egypt outlines plans for new constitution

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt’s army detailed on Wednesday plans to ensure those who draft the constitution represent all society not just groups in parliament, views set to rile Islamists seeking a commanding role in the process after early success in a parliamentary poll.

But the army’s remarks may reassure the United States, which gives billions of dollars in military and other aid to Egypt, and other Western nations wary of the rise of Islamists after Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February.

Dec 7, 2011

Egypt’s Islamists claim most seats in run-off vote

CAIRO (Reuters) – The Muslim Brotherhood said on Wednesday it had won most seats in an opening round of run-offs in Egypt’s staggered parliamentary vote, consolidating its lead over rival liberals and hardline Salafi Islamists.

The Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), which has promised to work with a broad coalition in the new assembly, secured 34 individual seats out of the 45 it contested in the run-offs on Monday and Tuesday, a party source told Reuters.

Dec 5, 2011

Islamist rivals in Egypt election stand-off

CAIRO (Reuters) – Rival Islamists in Egypt’s parliamentary election played up their differences in a first-round run-off vote, with the top-placed Muslim Brotherhood anxious to show a moderate face to Egyptians hungry for stability.

Hardline Salafis were the surprise runner-up in last week’s opening stage, the biggest test of the public mood since street protests ended Hosni Mubarak’s three-decade rule in February.

Dec 5, 2011

Islamists seek to extend gains in Egypt run-off vote

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptians voted on Monday in run-off contests for parliamentary seats, with the Muslim Brotherhood’s party trying to extend its lead over hardline Islamists and liberal parties in a political landscape redrawn by the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak.

The Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) is set to take the most seats in Egypt’s first free election in six decades, bolstering its hand in any struggle with the ruling army council for influence over the most populous Arab nation.

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