Comments on: Can communist China drop Marxism? Wed, 07 Oct 2015 17:23:32 +0000 hourly 1 By: OneOfTheSheep Thu, 06 Sep 2012 00:27:14 +0000 Yes. For the same reason(s) America should abandon Socialism. Every government is comprised of individuals who ultimately wield their power wisely or unwisely. In the coming election in America, many who vote will do so as much “against” certain ideas and ideals as “for” them.

This election won’t make much difference who wins, because both parties have refused to present the “big choices” to voters. So long as this is true, the “big choices” that MUST be made will remain on the “back burner”. Truth be known, that’s where the leadership of both major parties want them to stay. That preserves their existing power and influence with little, if any, accountability.

In case you haven’t noticed, our elected politicians predictably place their own personal interests above those of “we, the people” they purportedly serve, and thus have created for themselves lives of wealth and privilege. We see this same trend in unelected unionized government workers, bring state and local governments nearer and nearer to bankruptcy. More and more politicians at the federal, state and local level come from the legal field, and the direct and inseparable result is an ever-increasing “need” for legal services in our day to day lives.

America is one of the few nations economically productive enough to be able to afford everything it needs. Past decisions by both parties to increase the number of American dollars in circulation again and again when American natural resources are being consumed, all territory already has “legal owners”, employment opportunaties are relatively low, and jobs and retirement prospects uncertain dilute the residual “value” of each dollar in circulation.

“Our” government has regularly increased our national “debt limit” in the mistaken belief that it can thus “afford” everything “America” wants. No country in the history of the world has succeeded in doing that. No country ever will.

What is long overdue is honest debate among taxpayers to reach majority consensus as to what “we, the people” agree to pay for “government services”, and precisely WHICH “government services” for WHOM. It has long been said that when government takes money from Peter to gove to Paul, government can always depend upon the support of Paul. As the number of Pauls exceed the number of Peters, America’s future dims.

Each political party identify government services it regards as “needs”, and budgetary priority of each for available revenues. There is also the “question” as to whether “available revenues” should continue to exceed actual tax revenue and, if so, how often, how much, how long and why.

Until the taxpayers have final say as to defining America’s NEEDS, there is no limit to the size of government and no limit to the amount of revenue government will seek. That is the “status quo” all politicians will ever seek to preserve.

They LIKE being “in charge” of those they are supposed to serve. They say otherwise, but the truth is in what they DO! Each today believes that whatever they spend “we, the people must pay”. They do NOT want to be accountable to us. They will resist anything that will force them to justify and/or prioritize their prolifigacy.

If a pipe breaks, you call a plumber, and two fellows arrived and proceeded to argue over what to do while your house continues to flood, you’d fire them and get someone else. Instead of proceeding to fix financial policies that today threaten the continued operations of the American “economic engine”, “our” representatives instead divert us into squabbling over fundamentally frivolous matters even as with each day, week, month and year the growth in U.S. debt approaches infinity.

Priorities, people. Priorities make solutions possible. Solutions are NOT possible when everyone talks or shouts all at once, unmoderated. It’s time to throw the ones that can’t or won’t “heel” out. They are undisciplined rabble who take our money and give back nothing of value. OUT!