Comments on: Small is beautiful in finance Wed, 07 Oct 2015 17:23:32 +0000 hourly 1 By: paintcan Mon, 18 Nov 2013 01:23:35 +0000 I don’t think the world is all that interested in what I have to say.

You’re right.

By: OneOfTheSheep Sun, 17 Nov 2013 00:07:49 +0000 “I am so happy to have drawn you out.” It is you that have been “drawn out” for all who read this to judge. “The world can see the true nature of your so called wisdom.” I don’t think the world is all that interested in what I have to say.

It is for those who can comprehend to accept or reject all or part of it. Your fixation with me and the values I espouse or exemplify is fascinating (as is the attention of a stalker).“You wanted her to live and you didn’t care how much you spent on the matter.” And your point is? I quit counting when the cost exceeded a million dollars towards the end of the bone marrow transplant.

“You had insurance so you milked it for all it was worth.” Wrong, as usual. I was unemployed, and she was discharged when she disclosed her diagnosis to her employer. We had NO insurance and few liquid resources at the time, and she was too sick to fight her wrongful discharge. I felt compelled to respect a decision that, in the end, was hers to make.

Because I was “up front” with all concerned, available programs were reviewed and evaluated before each step of the process. No medical expenses ever touched our credit cards (which we pay off in full every month), thus our credit resources are never depleted. We STILL have few liquid resources, but manage well on what we have. Even our dreams have mostly survived.

No regulation or law requires one to go into debt, and so we didn’t. I quit adding up the costs of treatment when they exceeded a million dollars. About that time I was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. I got myself on a program to get that taken care of, again without cost to us).

“You are a supremely selfish man and value your needs as a couple above all others.” Once more…your point is? We are each only children, and thus more “self-aware” than those not so fortunate.

“You did not answer the question as to whether or not you had any children.” Wrong again, as usual. People like you that can’t or don’t grasp details very well are often dissatisfied with how life treats them.

“You are Adolf Hitler residing in the spirit in an old man and his aging honey in a house in Arizona.” So we’re not supposed to age? Please. And we don’t live in Arizona.

“BTW 40% chance of recurrence is better than a 50/50% chance of recurrence. My old aunt went thorough chemo because she had a 10% chance of recurrence.” And YOU would presume to condemn HER exercise of HER option?

“I’m sure she felt she was special and she was worth it. Who the hell doesn’t?” My point precisely, although my determination and persistence goes well beyond that most can bring to bear on a challenge. Not being religious, I view my time in the here and now as “it”. Accordingly, I shall continue to ride as long as I can as long as I deem the associated effort on my part justified.

I am the fighter that only concedes when I can no longer physically rise. You would concede any contest you don’t think you can win. Every challenge one declines they LOSE. I don’t like losing, and don’t very often.

What infuriates you is that you do understand what I say and do, but are utterly and perpetually impotent to in any way interfere with the contentment and satisfaction my wife and I enjoy, and believe we have earned. I have not the slightest doubt that if you could you would hunt us down, terminate our existence, and send our remaining resources to the Philippines to assure that many “…far younger with far more potential for life than [us] might arise to faster cover every bare inch of the earth.

Since we know you’re both gay and not religious, can you offer credible justification for WHATEVER motivates such raw emotion?

By: paintcan Sat, 16 Nov 2013 03:48:26 +0000 Your clarity of focus and decision making comes down to one thing only. You wanted her to live and you didn’t care how much you spent on the matter. You had insurance so you milked it for all it was worth.

You are a supremely selfish man and value your needs as a couple above all others. You did not answer the question as to whether or not you had any children.

I was right when I first challenged you, how many years ago? You are Adolf Hitler residing in the spirit in an old man and his aging honey in a house in Arizona.

You’re not a marvel of clarity and purpose. You are a selfish man, period! And that is all your self vaunted wisdom amounts to.

You claim you are your own religion and that is so convenient. It never challenges you in the least and allows you to do precisely what you want to do anyway.

I could find as much wisdom contemplating crab grass or pond scum.

BTW 40% chance of recurrence is better than a 50/50% chance of recurrence.

My old aunt went thorough chemo because she had a 10% chance of recurrence. I have no idea how much that cost the insurance industry but I’m sure she felt she was special and she was worth it. Who the hell doesn’t?

But what infuriates me about people like you. Because you are such craven cowards in the face of death – and you are old and should have developed the wisdom and even detachment to accept it gracefully by now – you will gladly support the murder and injury of hundreds of thousands of foreign civilians and the threat to the lives of soldiers working for you or them far younger with far more potential for life than your whithered carcass could ever support again.

I am so happy to have drawn you out. The world can see the true nature of your so called wisdom.

By: OneOfTheSheep Fri, 15 Nov 2013 23:20:16 +0000 @paintcan,

OK, so it bothers YOU if I don’t let what happened in the Philippines bother me “too much”? Suck it up. I have learned over my many years on earth to not let ANYTHING bother me “too much”.

When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage three, we progressively did what we could, where we were, with what we had. When, after chemo and a radical mastectomy, we were told 40% chance of recurrence (in which case little hope), I told her doctor that was unacceptable. That got her referred to receive a bone marrow transplant (of which a small percentage die from unsuccessful treatment).

A year later, when tumors appeared in her lungs and she was given six months to live, I asked they put that in writing (which got her on SS disability). At the same time we evaluated other “trials” (experimental treatments under medical evaluation). Next was a really aggressive combination of different chemo that, after four courses, we discontinued, agreed that she could not survive a fifth. The next was a pill (which I believed just palliative). It was Arimidex, today the “gold standard” for recurring breast cancer.

Today she is sixteen years out with no active tumors anywhere. That certainly would not be the case if I had become a mental basket case with each unexpected challenge or setback. I had to keep my mind clear and focused. That’s not a habit one ever forgets, so if uninformed others jump to the conclusion that I am without feelings because I do not publicly and conspicuously show them, I can live with that.

If something deserves no attention and gets no attention, it has gotten the attention it deserved. Savvy? And no, never had children, by choice. Did not marry until I found a soul mate of like mind. We are true partners in life as our union approaches fifty GOOD years.

“It is insane to blow holes in the bottom of what many like you may think is a boat that is already too crowded.” There is a science fiction story in which someone in desperation stows away on a spacecraft bound for far away. The stowaway did not know that on such a trip there is only food, oxygen, etc. carried for a known number of occupants.

So the question suddenly before all upon discovery of the stowaway boils down to a choice of everyone dying as resources are exhausted short of their destination or by some manner deciding who has to cease consuming (die) early on. There is no “good” choice, only the choice between success and failure.

There are many, like you, who can not even consider such a choice, much less make it. “Good manners” and “social values” are not at issue. The single choice is life or death, mission success or failure.

Over a longer period, the situation posed by today’s SEVEN BILLION people (and exploding) on “space ship earth” is no different. Have a nice day.

By: paintcan Thu, 14 Nov 2013 19:07:10 +0000 Conversations with you get silly – I never blamed you for the Philippines storm. It’s just that it isn’t likely to bother you much and you’ll take the stupid line that there are just too many Philippinos in its path. You could say that about any population levels anywhere and at anytime in history or for any accident that occurs. If four people died in a car crash, you’d say there should have been only one or two in the vehicle and it’s their own fault for filling the vehicle.

I even recall an exhibit over 35 years ago at the Museum of Science in Boston that quoted a Chinese “sage” who complained that China was far too populated. He wrote it 2000 years ago. I don’t think the museum understood the incongruity of that quote and it didn’t help their argument at all.

BTW – how do you give something the attention it deserves and ignore it? That sounds like more of what you do with what you don’t want to recognize about the rest of life on earth. Did you ever even have children?

Actually I’m too hard on my mother and I think my parents knew I wasn’t quite right to be straight. I wasn’t exhibiting the right instincts and reactions in social situations.

The vastly unequal distribution of income and opportunity that we’ve been seeing – the perpetual criminal and wasteful activities of warfare and the disruption of civilian lives is not helping the survival of the species either. It is insane to blow holes in the bottom of what many like you may think is a boat that is already too crowded.

BTW – I have been on lines for social assistance and never once saw people pushing ahead of others to scramble for benefits. I didn’t even see that in NYC when I was a Vista volunteer about 35 years ago and food stamps were part of the stipend. But I saw one rude fat old bitch that resented having to appear monthly and having face to face contact with the social worker and then pulled her pants down yelling “face to face – I’ll give you face to face”. Such a wide face it was! She was a huge black welfare “queen”. It was the mid 70s and at the time I thought it was comical. Now I think she was a pig. It has always been a very quiet and orderly process where I live. And the lines have been long. The lines are all that is available for many. It isn’t even possible to provide work fare because that would undercut paying employment in this very tight economy. Every activity in this economy is very tightly meshed with every other activity.

But without a doubt, when job opportunities dry up, and the ability to get gainful employment that matches the rising cost of living becomes harder to find for many more, there are going to be more people who face more desperate lives. But wealth does not guarantee good manners or a fine set of social values either, does it?

People like you and I who don’t live on massive debt are the blame in the modern economy, actually. It needs big consumption to keep the money moving in large enough flows. But I am not in a condition to do that anymore.

You are the kind of guy like may others who, if faced with a shortage of lifeboats on a sinking ship will see that as a surfeit of passengers and you will make damned sure you get a seat on one of those available. The country has been doing that en masse and trying to preserve global hegemony on the strength of voluntary troops who may not have any other means of making a living now. No one wants a draft and the tight economy where educational credentials seems to be required for any kind of employment means many seek military service to get started in it at all. They have to gamble in a lottery with their lives.

Let’s face it – the ideal system for you and your wife would be your patch of ground, a video monitor giving you just the news you like to hear and a bank account sufficient or more for your needs.

If the world had a tenth of the population it now has, if it suddenly shrank to whatever level you seem to think it should support, you should also expect that the economy it supported would also shrink, if not collapse completely. The world would be glutted with surplus and rapidly decaying assets like buildings and the supporting infrastructure and the price of land would plunge to nearly nothing. It’s happened before during the great plagues is Europe and those were also followed by a rapid rise in population because resources became easily available again. People like you couldn’t just rush in an buy up assets because you would be hard pressed to preserve any of them. You wouldn’t be able to find the labor in sufficient strength.

It isn’t the size of the population that matters nearly as much as how well or responsibly they use the resources available. It is also possible to be much too wealthy for anyone’s good. There really ought to be more comments made more often that recognize that it is possible to be morbidly rich the same way a body can be morbidly obese.

And almost every activity in this economy starting from the top has needed government assistance.

By: OneOfTheSheep Thu, 14 Nov 2013 17:17:44 +0000 @paintcan,

Let us give your first two paragraphs the attention they deserve and ignore them. The first three sentences of your third also apply to how my wife and I live. “Bottom line” is that what differentiates us is much more matters of perspective and wisdom than economics.

From there on you slide into your usual abyss of the mind trying to explain how “needed” the underclass in this country are, even as you ignore the disproportionate percentage of them that do nothing but empty the public trough. I don’t mind that the “deserving” get social benefits. I do complain regularly (and loudly) when the undeserving push forward and cut in line for a free ride.

At 73 and living in America, my life won’t be affected to the degree most will by the effects of overpopulation if present trends continue. Because I have had a good ride on this planet it would be my great preference to see a healthy population survive long enough that humans can get all of their eggs out of this singular basket and into space and perhaps even the stars before we destroy both it and ourselves. Not that the cosmos deserves us. The very presence of man changes the stability you see as stagnation into chaos of truly infinite potential.

Those who claim to be economists are dead from the neck up if they continue to believe that economic growth and population growth are interdependent and inseparable. The bubbling forces of ambition and frustration in the ever more populated intellectual wastelands of the third world already know from first hand experience that shortages of potable water and palatable food without end will pit neighbor against neighbor, yet they continue to reproduce at a rate that would make a rabbit blush because they know no better. “Social ills” don’t get much worse.

Such “new blood” isn’t “good for the economy” because it has nothing to contribute to it. There is no money, no land, no water, no education, no skill, no job or any prospects of one, nothing but endless feces and urine.

It is not a case of square pegs and round holes, but the simple reality that there is no “place” in society or legitimate economic function for excess humanity. Indeed, it will not be the “variety and pleasure” of extended kinship ties and large families but ever-increasing challenges to survival that will make the local “warfare and struggle for resources” of the past look like a Sunday picnic in the third world.

The United States and Canada are, for the most part, effectively insulated from such extremes. We only have polar bears, seals and other northern denizens to our north, and only fish to the east and west. Even when the situation becomes serious enough that we must effectively close our border to the ever faster boiling human pressures from the south all we need do is mine and maintain it. America will remain a comparitive paradise to that which will be happening elsewhere. So I’m not depressed in the slightest.

I just ring the bell and point at the obvious knowing that if what I say is ignored, it will be those who ignore it that will eventually pay the greatest price. What is happening today in the Philippines is precisely what will be happening across the globe at different times, in some cases brought about by natural disaster, and in others by war, famine or pestilence (or any combination thereof). It is not a question of whether but of when and where.

In the end, though, know well that our big blue marble can not support SEVEN BILLION humans long term in anything even approaching a quality of life they will find acceptable. We live in interesting times.

By: paintcan Wed, 13 Nov 2013 19:59:51 +0000 Aim you fatuous comments at someone who actually believes them. Isn’t your core rational for life the same as everyone else’s – how you can keep your head above water, and better still, above everyone else’s? And you have the same disgusting interest in what other people do with their reproductive equipment my mother used to have in mine. I did nothing with it so she should be satisfied.

Of course you read the past for a sense about how the present is constructed. It is like looking at blue prints or schematic drawings. But someone who takes his Roman history from wine magazines can’t be expected to have gleaned much from it.

To return to Mr Hadas article and the point I was trying to make. I live on a low income, with no mortgage, low credit card debt, no time payments and few major purchases of big ticket items. And the expensive things I have I keep for decades if they are durable enough to survive for decades. But I have also been aware that how I live may allow my standard of living to be adequate and even comfortable but would be death to the big number GDP economy. I also count my labor as zero because when one is self-employed – when I was still self-employed – that figure is not a given and is very hard to maintain. But low cost people like me could be very useful to an economy. Counting my labor at zero for things I can provide myself in the way of household repair and improvements has been my fudge factor. I can also count my labor as zero cost for activities I donate to the wider community, but that can only be done safely as long as people don’t take that gift for granted and started abusing the help. And the worst abusers of the low cost tend to be people who were themselves recent low cost help. We have a nation of people who do not know how to respect their own lives, what they own or what they live in, let alone those of others, and especially not anything in the hands of their ever changing list of enemies, that changes constantly as their mood or strategy demands.

There is something else going on is this economy related to immigration and population growth. We need the illegal immigrants the way my grandparents were needed by the industrial expansion of this country during the later half of the 19th century right up to about WWII when the economy started to change and became the consumer society with social welfare support we now live in. Your “fly covered masses” are needed to start at the bottom and rise so that wine connoisseurs can still afford to live on their retirement benefits and find cheap staffers in the nursing homes and hospitals etc. They are needed to provide lower cost labor and tax payments. Why is it that guys like you always complain about the undeserving getting benefits? Isn’t it because it makes their labor more expensive? But modern zoning and building codes don’t allow them to live in tightly filled apartments (expect in Chinatown in NYC perhaps?) or in slums as it used to. Those situations created social ills far worse than the savings they allowed. They degrade people but you might think it spoils them? Many seem to want life to be a dog-eat-dog enterprise and they are dissatisfied if social life doesn’t somehow still have snarling fangs.

And without population growth, doesn’t the economy tend to stagnate? It is more easily controlled and even predictable by those in high places. Those with can be reduced to predictable and standard purchases year by year and there is little new blood to keep the old carcass of the economy alive. It can’t seem to live without deferred debt or making up money out of thin air to keep it moving at all. Without population growth the haves get smug and self-satisfied and are in positions to exert control over the rest more easily, because they become used to a very tamed animal – so to speak. The entire human race can become a neutered pet (why the fangs may be missed) that lives on guanta of economic input and can be relied upon to emit the same quanta in predicable units. Your core complaint about the undeserving getting benefits is that you want all the square pegs to fit in square holes but there is nothing sacred or even inevitable about square holes always being square holes. Nature and disasters, whether manmade or natural, have no respect for holes, whatever shape, whatsoever. The recent Philippine storm proved that.

That may be the future – but it will also be at the cost of loosing the variety and unpredictability of the past. The developing countries are being caught in an economic system that ensures that even the fruit of their loins contributes to their cost of living in a way that didn’t occur so predictably in the past. But they will loose the variety and pleasure of extended kinship ties and large families and will live as atomized individuals in a much less personal or even namable system that is as prone to warfare and struggle for resources as the past was and is just as prone to mass hypnosis and fits of paranoia.

If this thought leaves you deeply depressed, good! You’re finally recognizing the fishbowl mode of life that is taking root everywhere on the globe.

I never believe your very glib advice because I can’t help thinking you have the same ruthless instincts for progress like Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party but have learned to package it all in warm slippers, hallmark greeting card cliché sentiments and very selective memory or none at all.

By: OneOfTheSheep Wed, 13 Nov 2013 00:38:22 +0000 @paintcan,

Because I publicly predict that famine, pestilence, or war will in some combination adversely affect the otherwise unrestrained reproduction of third world populations comprising a majority of this planet’s SEVEN BILLION (and exploding) population you would blame me for the current disaster in the Philippines? Please.

Do economists gloat over people who go bankrupt? The very idea is beneath consideration. Crawl back in your hole.

Nature can be cruel, but that has been known for thousands of years. The choices of third world citizens are not mine. I accept NO responsibility for the effects of their choices.

When many poor people live just above sea level and there is no adequate shelter in “typhoon country” the question is not whether there will be disaster but when. Will I accept any responsibility for currently rising sea levels? Absolutely not. I do, however, donate to relief efforts as I can.

There are those who prepare for disasters, those who could but don’t, and those who can’t; some of which keep having more and more children). Guam residents know to build reinforced concrete houses if they would survive their climate in the long term. Many who live there don’t.

There are those who live near me with no tornado shelter, no internet/radar warning, perhaps no insurance. We each “do what we can, where we are, with what we have” and thereafter accept such risks as remain. Life is never without risk.

If we should not look to the past in order to predict the future, and the only news acceptable is good news, the only possible society would be one in which the blind lead the blind. I can see why you might feel comfortable in such a society, and why I would not.

By: paintcan Tue, 12 Nov 2013 04:10:02 +0000 What’s the matter OOTS – not feeling loved exclusively?

10,000 fly covered over breeders that you always complain about just died in the Philippines. That should give you more than a warm and fuzzy felling. Just think, the gift will keep on giving and the number is bound to rise.

By: Janna_a Tue, 12 Nov 2013 02:08:47 +0000 Five Ghost Mock the Judge ,
in Hong Kong

During 1:19 pm to 2 pm of May 2, 2004, Police 53160 of Hong Knng gathered about 30 police officers to assault a woman in sick into very bruised, she was diagnosed by doctor that she was bruised 13 areas plus tissues hurt and others, Furthermore, the policemen threatened the 3 years and 4 years old children to crying very in huge panic. Than the policewoman knelt down on her lower back to hurt her back bone and the area with her knee. The policemen dragged her apart by holding 4 limbs to divide her, especially used her celling head set wires to tied up her left hand point finger and thumb, made her diable forever.

She is a single mother, live in helpless completely but with children.

Department of Justice persecuted her to assault 3 police offices, obstructed an officer to issue a fine ticket, went through a red light. They arranged 5 police officers as witnesses.

Five police officers mock the judge with lies in the court. The judge enjoy the liars and lies, she ignored the computer record, the actual length of the road, the testing method of the Crime Scene Investigation department of Hong Kong, to praise the police officer, Honest. The Drama is like five Ghost Mock the Judge.

The Judge enjoy liars and lies too much, she ignore all the physical evidence, set up this single mother and make the kids live as orphans finally.

Now, the victim’s hurt getting worse, worse, …. Who car heal her?

The Judges are happy to be mocked by Policemen, the bulliers are happy to bulliy the woman and children in Hong Kong, the DOJ is asking for money from the woman for her children’s food money daily happily from 2009, because the government staff lied in small claim court to cheat a court order.

Case number FLCC1459/2004, Fanling court