Google’s big battle will be that they know (and care) nothing about customer support or user interface. I early-adopted and hated the clunky Motorola Droid and I’m intensely happy to be rid of it. Unlike Apple, there was no one responsible for the device as a device. And I couldn’t upgrade to newer ones when the hardware improved because Google’s own software wouldn’t successfully sync any newer Droid with Google’s own calendar.

Maybe Google will learn, but they released something unworthy of being sold for good money, even fiat money. I feel obliged to recycle bits excerpted from the web diary of the seven stages of grief I went thru in my year-long battle with the Droid:

Early days: patience and optimism

The insides of the Droid are fine. It’s the user interface that lacks deep polish, even though it oozes shallow polish. I suppose one should expect this; Google has little experience with designing complex interfaces and they have lots to learn. (I can point out some flaws on Apple’s Mail: when you delete a message, it doesn’t take you automatically to the next one.)

Becoming anoid: The monster won’t sync properly; I take solace in William Blake and swear to persevere

The trouble is that Verizon sells it, Motorola makes the hardware, and Google unsupports the software. There is lots of room for things to fall in the cracks. Every time I try to make one thing work a little better, it’s back to square one.

Like Nostradamus, William Blake knew what I would be up against with the Droid:

From Wikipedia: “Verizon serves as a Satanic force similar to Milton’s Satan.”