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Nov 3, 2012

Power returns to lower Manhattan, but many waiting

NEW YORK, Nov 3 (Reuters) – The lower Manhattan skyline lit
up early Saturday morning for the first time since superstorm
Sandy slammed into the U.S. Northeast while thousands of storm
victims in New Jersey and elsewhere remained in the dark and
awaiting disaster relief.

The power restoration came as gasoline supplies headed to
coastal zones devastated by the record storm surge and to
motorists whose patience has been tested by gasoline rationing
during the painstaking effort to rebuild.

Nov 3, 2012

Power, fuel ease US storm woes, but many still waiting

NEW YORK, Nov 3 (Reuters) – While power returned to much of
Manhattan and fuel supplies were headed for the disaster zone,
residents of some of the hardest-hit areas faced a long wait for
electricity and help after superstorm Sandy’s devastating strike
on the U.S. Northeast.

With the U.S. presidential election just three days away, at
least 3.5 million homes and businesses remained without power in
a region choked with storm debris and long gas lines reminiscent
of the 1970s-era U.S. fuel shortage. Angry residents wondered
when their lives would return to normal.

Nov 3, 2012

Hardest-hit areas left behind as power returns to Manhattan

NEW YORK, Nov 2 (Reuters) – As electricity returns to Lower
Manhattan in the wake of Sandy, residents in some of the
neighborhoods of New York City hardest hit by the giant storm
are complaining that their plight is being overlooked.

In many outlying areas of the city, thousands of people are
going to have to wait up to nine days, and in some cases even
longer, for electricity to be restored to their homes. Some have
lost their houses altogether to floods or fire and others are
dealing with heavy water damage. The lines at the few gas
stations that have fuel to sell stretch around the block and
security is an increasing concern.

Nov 2, 2012

Post-storm anger grows, especially outside Manhattan

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Frustration grew for superstorm Sandy’s victims in the U.S. Northeast on Friday, many of whom were left with no power, no gasoline and little information about when their shattered lives might return to normal.

While Manhattan prepared to host the annual New York City Marathon on Sunday, acute gasoline shortages in the city’s storm-battered outer boroughs and New Jersey led to long lines and short tempers.

Nov 2, 2012

Upper Manhattan struggles with guest influx after Sandy

NEW YORK (Reuters) – While people living north of New York’s Times Square were largely spared from the rising waters and power outages that slammed Lower Manhattan on Monday, they are now dealing with a different kind of flood: Guests.

Refugees from “Blackout City,” the portion of Manhattan that has been without power since late Monday, have been flowing north into parts of the city where life has been fairly normal this week – at least on the surface.

Oct 31, 2012

In “Blackout City” – a quieter, emptier version of Manhattan

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The residents and business owners of lower Manhattan who have lost their electricity this week are beginning to adjust to life in an unfamiliar place: “Blackout City.”

It is a largely quiet place, empty of the crowds that would normally gather to shop, eat, and work there, patrolled by slow-moving police cars with flashing lights and peopled by the lonely bicyclist or dog-walker.

Oct 31, 2012

NY’s post-Sandy divide: Those with power and those without

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Sandy split New York City in two.

The massive storm left people damp, miserable and in the dark in the lower part of the city. Yet in much of the rest of Manhattan, life was almost normal, albeit without some of the usual urban comforts.

Almost every street below Times Square in the city’s Midtown district lost power on Monday night after an explosion at a Consolidated Edison (ED.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) power station, and it may not return for up to four days. A number of these areas had already been hit by flood waters.

Oct 31, 2012

U.S. Northeast back to business after Sandy’s hard hit

NEW YORK, Oct 31 (Reuters) – Millions across the U.S.
Northeast stricken by massive storm Sandy will attempt to resume
their normal lives on Wednesday as companies, markets and
airports reopen despite grim projections of power and mass
transit outages around New York for several more days.

With six days to go before the Nov. 6 elections, President
Barack Obama will visit flood-ravaged areas of the New Jersey
shore, where the storm of historic proportions made landfall on
Monday. As his guide, he will have Republican Governor Chris
Christie, a vocal backer of presidential challenger Mitt Romney
who has nevertheless praised Obama and the federal response to
the storm.

Oct 31, 2012

Millions in U.S. Northeast struggle after massive storm

NEW YORK, Oct 30 (Reuters) – The northeastern United States
battled epic flood waters and lengthy power outages on Tuesday
after the massive storm Sandy pummeled the coast with a record
storm surge, high winds and heavy rains that killed at least 45
people and caused billion of dollars in losses.

Millions of people in New York City and other hard-hit areas
will spend days or weeks recovering from a storm already seen as
far more destructive that Hurricane Irene, which slammed into
the same region a year ago. One disaster
modeling company said Sandy may have caused up to $15 billion in
insured losses.

Oct 31, 2012

East Coast reels from massive, deadly storm

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Millions of people faced epic flooding and lengthy power outages on Tuesday after the massive storm Sandy wreaked havoc in much of the eastern United States with high winds and heavy rains.

The storm killed at least 45 people, including at least 18 in New York City, and insurance companies started to tally billions of dollars in losses.

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