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Apr 16, 2013

Poor commodities performance prompts investor rethink

LAUSANNE, April 16 (Reuters) – Investors are reassessing
commodities after sharp price falls and years of poor returns,
but traders say the long-term outlook is still promising for
those with specialised expertise.

Global demand for raw materials will continue to increase as
the populations of China and other emerging economies consume
more, offering support for prices and creating local shortages
and price imbalances that can provide attractive margins.

Apr 16, 2013

Trader Gunvor aims to raise $300 mln via 5-7-year bond

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, April 16 (Reuters) – Privately-owned
commodities trader Gunvor said on Tuesday it hoped to raise $300
million through the sale of a 5-7-year bond, as the company
seeks to expand its energy assets.

“We are going to go for our first bond – unrated as well -
to hopefully raise $300 million (over) three to five years,”
Chief Financial Officer Jerome Schurink told a Financial Times
commodities conference in Switzerland.

Mar 28, 2013

Oil veteran Gandur plans Canada IPO for Oryx Petroleum

GENEVA, March 28 (Reuters) – Addax & Oryx Group (AOG),
chaired by billionaire Jean Claude Gandur, plans to list its oil
exploration subsidiary Oryx Petroleum in Canada, the firm said
on its website.

Oil industry veteran Gandur was catapulted onto the Forbes
rich list in 2009 when he sold Addax Petroleum to Sinopec
three years after its IPO.

Mar 28, 2013

Trading houses lured by African growth despite hazards

GENEVA, March 28 (Reuters) – Commodity trading houses are
expanding aggressively in Africa as they look to add volume and
take on assets that promise to benefit from a continent
achieving some of the highest economic growth in the world.

Merchant traders have historically been mostly concerned
with shipping Africa’s oil onto global markets but are now
viewing Africa as a destination market for fuels and are
investing in the storage and retail networks the continent needs
to develop.

Mar 28, 2013

Trader Arcadia Petroleum replaces CEO, cuts back trading desk

GENEVA/SINGAPORE, March 28 (Reuters) – Energy trader Arcadia
Petroleum plans to replace its long-serving CEO, a well-informed
industry source said, and other sources said it would
restructure its trading desk in the latest sign that profit
margins in the sector are shrinking.

London-based Arcadia, which is one of the world’s top oil
traders and is owned by a Norwegian shipping magnate, will part
company with its British CEO Peter Bosworth who joined as a
novice trader more than 20 years ago.

Mar 27, 2013

Swiss stop short of tightening commodities trading rules

GENEVA, March 27 (Reuters) – A Swiss government
investigation into the country’s $20 billion commodities sector
has stopped short of proposing any new or tighter rules on
trading companies as it seeks to prevent departures to Asian
finance centres.

The long-awaited report published on Wednesday said that the
sector’s 500 or so companies and about 10,000 employees
contributed roughly 3.5 percent of Switzerland’s GDP and that
the country needs to regulate the sector without chasing them

Mar 27, 2013

Trafigura signs oil export deal with South Sudan

GENEVA, March 27 (Reuters) – Oil trader Trafigura, a dealer
in Sudanese oil long before the nation split, has signed an
export agreement with the South which is preparing to resume
output after a gap of more than a year.

The deal is a coup for Trafigura. Until late last year the
firm was caught up in a legal dispute over a cargo of oil that
South Sudan claimed was stolen by its northern neighbour.

Mar 21, 2013

News accounts for just 1/3 of commodity price moves-study

GENEVA, March 21 (Reuters) – Only about a third of commodity
price moves are caused by news, reflecting the growing role of
high-frequency trading in steering prices, according to a study
selected by the International Monetary Fund.

The study, co-written by researchers at the United Nations
Conference on Trade and Development and ETH Zurich, may spur
regulators who blame traders for price volatility.

Mar 18, 2013

Switzerland to prepare corporate tax reform by mid-year

GENEVA, March 18 (Reuters) – Switzerland plans to present a
reform of its corporate taxation law by mid-year, its finance
minister said on Monday, bowing to pressure from Brussels after
a row over the incentives it offers to multinationals.

Financial haven Switzerland is home to thousands of global
companies including commodities trading giant Glencore
and online retailer eBay.

Mar 15, 2013

U.N. bodies want to tackle drought to avert food crisis

GENEVA (Reuters) – U.N. agencies want to strengthen national drought policies after warnings that climate change would increase their frequency and severity.

Droughts cause more deaths and displacement than floods or earthquakes, making them the world’s most destructive natural hazard, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation, one of the groups taking part.