The virtue in being virtual in Bali

December 11, 2007

jet.jpg    Private jets on the tarmac, fleets of limousines with police at the helm, helicopters flying overhead, endless columns of buses and taxis, five-star hotels filled to the brim.

    Welcome to another annual U.N. climate conference crammed with 10,000 delegates from around the world all focused on how to cut carbon emissions.

   Yes, we can all see the irony, and so does one U.S. Congressman.

   Instead of jetting over to Bali for climate talks, Edward Markey (a Democrat from Massachusetts) will use a 3-D animated version of himself to address the conference at 9.30 am on Wednesday Bali time.

    It is estimated Markey will save 5.36 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions by doing this.

    His address will be streamed live at

   Do you think this is the future of all big conferences, even company meetings?    


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Posted by Ajith | Report as abusive

Al Gore is such a hypocrite, and by attacking his own Country, he might as well move to China. I wonder how he got to Oslo, then Bali? Maybe he hitch-hiked!!!

Posted by Francis | Report as abusive

You are bringing up very important issues:

Does working on resolving the global climate change problem, give one license to use gas emitting modes of transportation, for work purposes?

Would it have been better to hold a virtual conference for all to participate in on the web?

Can virtual replace face to face completely?

My experience is that, especially for tricky negotiations, involving multiple participants, face to face is essential.

I am assuming all emissions from Bali talks were offset, using reliable sources.
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