German airline boss named ‘dinosaur of year’ by environmental group

December 28, 2007

hunold3.jpgA German environmental group has named Joachim Hunold, CEO of budget airline Air Berlin (, as its “Dinosaur of the Year” in 2007 for his outspoken doubts about the impact of climate change.

“Herr Hunold has richly earned the trophy by displaying his
utter ignorance about measures needed to combat climate change,” said Olaf Tschimpke, president of the Naturschutzbund
Deutschland (NABU) ( “Even though the negative
impact of climate change is well-known, Herr Hunold continues to go about audaciously belittling the issue in public.”

Hunold, who has made the no-frills airline a major carrier in Germany, has attacked environmental groups that call for taxes on jet fuel, NABU said. He will receive a tin trophy of a dinosaur. NABU has presented the award every year to personalities who distinguish themselves with “antiquated ideas about environmental protection” since 1993. The head of a large utility, Harry Roels of RWE, was last year’s dinosaur. Previous winners include the head of the German industry and trade association, Ludwig Georg Braun, and farmers’ association president Gerhard Sonnleitner.

So does Hunold deserve the dinosaur award, or should he perhaps be praised for flying people cheaply to their richly deserved holidays?


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I can see both sides of this.

Posted by Cynthia Joffrion | Report as abusive

Hunold, Roels, Braun, Sonnleitner and any future recipients of this “award” should accept it graciously, display their trophies proudly and prominently, and carry on with their work. Science and logic are on their side, not on NABU’s.

Posted by Cristi | Report as abusive

Next time the trophies should be a model airplane with super powerful headlights to pierce through a black sky.

Perhaps that would get the point across?

What would he reply to the amount of CO2 produced by one flight, and where does he imagine it goes to?

Unfortunately, I believe money will lead us blindfolded to the point until we will needed gas masks to walk outdoors.

I cannot imagine any country will be willing to set the example of sacrificing the speed of their economy in favour of the environment.

The most powerful and polluting countries play a ‘cold war’ race which trembles to the thought of stepping on the breaks.

Posted by Beatrice | Report as abusive

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Posted by Ajith | Report as abusive

Herr Hunold should read up on polar cities now. And Erik, you should interview me and write about polar cities, in a humorous pro and con way….

danny bloom in taiwan re polar cities for future survivors of global warming…

Posted by dan bloom | Report as abusive

He is not only an enemy of the environment, he also insults the people and the language of the countries on his company operates. Recently, the government of the Balearic Islands asked him politely to use the Catalan language in the communications of Air Berlin, and Hunold responded insulting that language because “it doesn’t sound imperial”! ts/docs/airberlin.pdf =participa.cfm?ID=20

Posted by Mallorca | Report as abusive