Ad campaign attacks latest environmental foe: bottled water

May 20, 2008

tappening_fish_ad_72dpi.jpgIf you’re tired of feeling guilty about driving a gas-guzzling car or cranking up your air conditioning, you could just try hanging your head in shame about that bottle of spring water you are sipping instead.

Yes, the foes of bottled water are at it again, this time in the form of an advertising campaign that aims to promote tap water and underscore the environmental costs of producing and disposing of plastic water bottles.

Tappening, a group that opposes bottled water, is spending $250,000 on a media campaign to promote its cause. Tappening is a joint venture of ad agency DiMassimo Goldstein and public relations firm Ericho Communications. It most recently launched a campaign called “Message in a Bottle” that aims to deliver one million empty water bottles to incoming Coca-Cola CEO Muhter Kent.

The campaign is the latest of many recent attacks on bottled water, including the urging of boycotts by the mayors of cities including London, San Francisco and Seattle.

“We can use our advertising and public relations abilities to un-sell bottled water hype,” said Tappening’s Mark DiMassimo.

The ads will appear as “wild postings” on construction sites in ten U.S. cities as well as in magazines and community newspapers, the group said. The ads claim that last year, plastic bottles generated more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide and that every year, 38 million bottles end up buried in the ground.


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Wow these guys are everywhere! This is like the tenth article I have seen written about Tappening. Bottled water companies must really love them! I’ve read a lot about the guy who runs the PR firm over the years and obviously his firm is doing the usual for his own project. I had never heard of DiMassimo before seeing him everywhere with this and I must admit am thouroughly impressed with their ads. Really great work in general! Interesting pair.

Posted by Larry Marston | Report as abusive

All I see is someone trying to make a buck greenwashing!!

Posted by Jason G | Report as abusive

Both of those guys (DiMassimo and Yaverbaum) have been around for a long time now. Nice to see them both having the success and getting the recognition they deserve. Of course if you read the marketing trades you might be saying, “ok, enough”.

I heard Yaverbaum speak at a Working Mothers conference a couple of weeks ago and his topic was not apologizing for making money while making the planet a better place. I thought it was a terrific message to deliver. What’s “greenwashing” about getting people to stop drinking bottled water?

It always seems like we like to bash our own as soon as they get successful? Welcome to the NFL boys.

Posted by Donny | Report as abusive

it seems that Reuters believes that caring for the environment consists of addle-brained nonsensical and anti-human actions on the part of political imbeciles globally.

Perhaps if Reuters would stop producing so much trash the “environment” would be better off?

Posted by bp | Report as abusive

Green washing is making something “seem” like its ggod for the environment just to sell a product and thats exactly what tappening is doing….they made all kinds of money but have done very little in return…Why dont they donate the money to help people get clean water? How about give up a few of those bucks its not like they need it…get them to donate all the money they made and do some real good….

Posted by Jason G | Report as abusive