Saving the planet, one flush at a time

May 21, 2008

When you write about the environment, your e-mail inbox fills up fast with pitches from companies claiming to have the formula for a greener world. Very few are compelling enough to escape the “delete” key. Some are just too weird to deal with. And then there’s this recent sally by the makers of the Biffy.

The Biffy is a bidet attachment for use on a standard toilet, and the promotional copy says it is not only superior for hygiene but promises a cleaner planet because it keeps excess toilet paper out of the waste stream. Take a look at the Web site for video of enthusiastic models uttering the immortal catch-phrase, “I love my Biffy!”

The promotional copy features a quote by the gadget’s inventor, Dr. Warren Smith: “Using toilet paper to clean our bottoms is like trying to clean dishes with a paper towel. Our product provides a practical and more natural way to be clean, while reducing an average family’s toilet paper consumption by up to 75 percent.”


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It is nice idea for saving planet, one flush at a time. Let’s stop shower bath and start to use half-bucket water for bath. How many people can do it? You may find many ideas, but it’s not a solution until everybody takes it seriously.

We all have to work at root level, if we really want to save this planet. Many NGOs are making good money in the saving planet business. They held meeting in an expensive conference rooms with costly dinner. Why are these people wasting money?

China and India are covering about 36.7% of world’s population. I read somewhere China and India will be super power in future. These future super power China and India have money for their nuclear and missile program. Unfortunately they don’t have money for saving planet.

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[…] device was limited to turning the knob and soaking the entire bathroom. There is the argument that bidets are better for the environment than toilet paper so perhaps we should once again look to Europe for greener […]

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I actually own a Biffy and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. We barely use toilet paper in our house and I even come home for lunch during my work week to use it so I avoid the public restroom and having to wipe with toilet paper. I highly recommend this thing, especially at under $100 — it pays for itself in a matter of months. Good stuff.

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Wow this is great news. I’m an oriental guy. Don’t know if you have heard this before, but we orientals don’t wipe our bottoms, we wash it. When I first moved to USA, I was living in apartments and I had a tough time carrying out my chores. The first thing that I did as soon as I bought my own house was fix a biffy…well back home we call them a ‘biddet shower’. It is simply a hand held shower, like those on your kitchen sink with a retractable pipe. You just plug it in to the pipeline that brings water to your toilet’s cistern and bingo…there’s your biffy for less than $20. You can get one of these things for 10-15 bucks at Meynards and there you go, cleaner bottom and a greener environment. In addition to that, I recently started to reduce my carbon footprint by another way while saving a lot of gas money. Check it out on the website

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