Al Gore, pessimist?

August 15, 2008

rfkjr1.jpg   A Kennedy may be showing up Al Gore as a small time dreamer. 
   Robert Kennedy, Jr. says the Goracle’s challenge to the United States to generate its electricity entirely from renewable sources within 10 years is not fast enough.
   “Al Gore said the other day we can do this in 10 years, and a lot of people were skeptical about that. But we can do it in less than 10 years,” he told U.S. and Mexico border state governors at a meeting this week., arguing that it would be great for the economy, too.
   In solar energy resplendent border states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, setting up solar plants would prove cheaper than building more conventional sources of energy, he said.  “These are the Saudi Arabias of sun.”
   “We can build those plants anywhere, we can build them cheaper than nuke plants, cheaper than old coal plants, and cheaper than oil plants, and faster than any of them,” said Kennedy a member of the U.S. political dynasty and a senior attorney for the environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council.
(Reporting by Syantani Chatterjee)


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I suggest that such companies as Nanosolar be given government money to expand hugely their production facility to produce extremely low cost solar panels and that the output from this government funded plant be used solely within the country as a national priority to get the US off the imported oil catastrophe that is bankrupting the economy of the country. Laissez Faire Capitalism can go only so far. Profit from the gigantic costs of oil guarantees that Big Oil is not going to make conversion to solar easy. It ought to be seen as a kind of Manhattan Project to produce right now solar electric for America and the Western Nations in general. It ought not to be left to the market as the market as decided to make money on the backs of nations and peoples. I suggest that once the product is out there in a full scale and mature industry, government can sit back and watch it take off. I understand that Nanosolar sold its entire year’s shipments to Germany. Where does that leave American consumers? Right..behind George Bush’s oil industry oil covered Eight Ball.

Posted by Neil Fiertel | Report as abusive

He’s absolutely rite. we could make the miracle happen focused sunlight plants and solar, wire all the juice to California, what’s important to remember though is there are entrenched interest that want to keep things just like they are because there making money off the status quo, That is why a major government program probably wont happen which is what is required to make this work.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

Be careful of nanosolar — their mission statement is to be the fastest growing company ever. This type of silcon valley snake oil is worrysome to me as a solar entrepreneur. I keep having clients want to wait from nanosolar and I just don’t see it.

Solar works now, it works today and it makes a profit in expensive electric markets like Los Angeles and Hawaii. If CA does it right, we can sell power to Texas and make a mint.

Look to Japan, stated goal of 14 million homes with 3.6 KW systems by 2020. Wow. That is one-third of their housing stock which means that their entire residentail housing stock will be off-the-grid during the solar production day.

This can be achieved, but we need to remove the red-tape that makes going solar a real pain in the a…

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