California: Man the lifeboats!

November 15, 2008

California’s already in the vanguard on U.S. carbon reduction (well, planning so far), and now Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to be ready for rising sea levels.

 On Friday he ordered the state to study how high waters could rise and what to do about it, in an executive order which could be seen as the Cliffs Notes of why climate change is a big deal financially.


(PHOTO: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni)


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We,the most intelligent among all other creatures in the world,have been enjoying all kinds of elements or products profusely. We,with our best efforts,trying to create something whatever, with the help of those indispensable elements (water,soil,atmosphere,forest,minerals etc) of nature,but neglecting it too! we are humiliating the nature, in terms of indusrial development and enhancement.The true care for nature could be an important part of our civic society and which can not be avoided,had not been considered by us seriously.

We have oppressed as well as extorted the nature.Now the nature is paying back its return in the form of whatever we are facing as natural calamities.We have infused havoc carbondioxide,sulphurdioxide and other obnoxious in the atmosphere.Oftenly we are tranpassing industrial wasts,semiconductors,merin debris into the sea water.We have been continuously deforesting for the fulfillment of our over needs recklessly.Then what more? We have to confront and surpass such vindictive action of nature.

Posted by PRANAB HAZRA | Report as abusive

What a crock of hogwash! With all the problems our nation has but instead of dealing with THEM, the politicians decide THIS is the issue of the moment? Anyone with a brain can see it’s yet another scam. Aside from politicians or activists seeking “fear-based” funding for their numerous causes, does anyone REALLY seriously beleive that the myth of global warming is the most important issue facing us at this time? If you do, then I have a bridge I want to sell you!

Posted by G.Burt | Report as abusive

G. Burt, I couldn’t agree with your position more! Global Warming has become the new religion of the Left. Science has taken a backseat to these militant and obnoxious religious zealots.

We now know that the sun, not the human race, is responsible for the earth’s climate change. For the past half-century, sunspot activity has been responsible for increasing the earth’s temperature. Now, with sunspot activity on the decline (nearly totally inactive) the earth has started to cool. Gee, could it be the sun, and not humans, is the root cause of the earth’s climate change? Of course it is! It was the cause of the last Little Ice Age during the Middle Ages, where there was no industrialization at all!

It is the height of hubris for humans to believe they are more responsible for the earth’s temperature than the sun.

Posted by p | Report as abusive

Science hasn’t taken a “backseat” in studying the effects of global warming–it is firmly in the front seat, where it belongs. The world’s top scientists are in clear consensus that mankind is contributing to a dangerous warming of the planet.

Posted by Peter Papadopoulos | Report as abusive