What bailout? Automakers lay out green future at L.A. show

November 20, 2008

 The car is king in Southern California, so what better place for stressed out auto executives to blow off some steam and take a break from their considerable recent troubles?

That’s exactly what they did this week at the Los Angeles auto show, where many car manufacturers laid out plans for electric, fuel cell and diesel cars that they say are key to reviving the ailing industry.

Volkswagen’s clean diesel Jetta TDI made the biggest splash, taking home the coveted “Green Car of the Year” award. It was the first time a diesel car has taken home the industry’s top environmental prize.

“It’s no longer an option for automakers to address the efficiency and environmental impact of new models — it’s an imperative,” Ron Cogan, editor of Green Car Journal, the trade magazine that awards the “Green Car of they Year” prize, said at the show. “It’s easy and justifiable to point the finger at the auto industry, but it’s also time for us to take responsibility for the choices we make as consumers.”

Among the other clean, green cars on display at the show were BMW’s all-electric Mini E, General Motors’ plug-in Chevrolet Volt and Hyundai’s Sonata hybrid sedan.

Which one is your favorite?


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Let’s hope the current drop in Oil prices doesn’t distract people from a green car future. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Posted by KT | Report as abusive

We need the Energy Dept give more support for the future of the green car…………fuel cell design should be a national security issue in order to be free of Middle East oil

Posted by Security | Report as abusive

The BIG 3 request bailout $ for now ‘where is, how is’ because without it they are going bankrupt. I agree with trying to increase fuel efficiency and green cars but if the money can’t be used for existing operations they won’t be here to move in this direction.

Very tough decision for those who have to make it. Good luck, I’m happy it’s not me in that burning hot seat.

Posted by buffalojump | Report as abusive

Besides the Volt, I haven’t heard of GM introducing other green autos. They fly to Washington, DC in their private jets to as Congress for money because their companies are failing…what’s wrong with this picture? The big three auto makers need to scale down, improve efficiencies and cut costs. If they would, they could compete with the other auto makers like Toyota.

Posted by Carl Phipps | Report as abusive

Silly people, fuel cells or a hydrogen car won’t be workable until we figure out how to strip hydrogen from water and not from oil as we currently get it. As for electric and hybrid they aren’t going to be economical for a while. The answer is more oil at home and less union and govt. mandates on cars. You know all cars now come with a release inside the trunk of a car incase you lock yourself in, good call on making that a mandatory requirement!

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

bailout… Does anyone work on their own car anymore? Does anyone think that automakers have designed automobiles which are expensive to repair or difficult to work on? Does anyone think they are going to change?… Is it possible the auto makers are looking out for their employee paychecks more than the consumers pocketbook? Does anyone feel super sorry for the auto workers? Then we should definitely use tax dollars to keep them in business – for sure!

Posted by Jared Tritz | Report as abusive

I think, by doing research and development in electric cars car manufacturers are saving their own future, one day or the other the luxury of oil is gonna end, new ways of power will be required to drive the vehicles.

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

Electronic Cars will be the future, and as far as i research for it, electronic cars produce engery like fuel engine can, so hope for the best…

Posted by adistars | Report as abusive