Comments on: Judd versus Palin on wolves Global environmental challenges Wed, 16 Nov 2016 08:14:55 +0000 hourly 1 By: Hidden Sat, 21 Mar 2009 05:26:36 +0000 Palin confuses me how can someone like her think that having a child before it is born killed even though if the child doesn’t die it is a possible risk to both parent and child wrong and yet see no shame in killing living breathing dreaming goal setting wolves tortured from the air until they finally die?
I am not against all hunting
And I think abortion is necisary if the child and parent risk getting killed if the abortion doesn’t happen
but sporthunting and killing children just because you were in it for the sex is wrong having children is a comitment and we are suppost to set an example for others


By: CWilson Mon, 09 Feb 2009 23:03:11 +0000 Wouldn’t it be more productive to sedate some of the animals and reintroduce animals to areas that have existing populations that may have inbreeding issues (i.e., Michigan/Minnesota)? Note: Hunting is an appropriate method of conservation. Shooting from planes is not hunting. Hunting generates funds that protects wildlife and conservation efforts. Don’t waste taxpayer money fueling helicopters for an issue that hunters or nature will ultimately manage.

By: barb Mon, 09 Feb 2009 05:19:58 +0000 Palin hunts animals. She doesn’t like other animals competing for her game – even though she has the advantage of technology. By ridding the predators, she can kill her prey. And all is fine. As long as she can enjoy her “sport” it doesn’t matter what’s left for the next generation. You know, just like when the buffalo were wiped out. But why should anyone care–animals are here for our use– humans are the center of the universe and can do whatever they feel justified to do. What’s a few wolves compared to the number of animals on this earth? And when they’re gone, we can shoot the humans we define as lesser beings. I bet Sarah already has a few in mind!

By: PJO Sun, 08 Feb 2009 06:39:29 +0000 Trophy hunting is one of the worst types of coward. A real man or woman doesn’t have to prove their bravado by shooting helpless animals from the safety of a plane or helicopter.

I’m not condeming those who hunt for subsistence and do it as humanely as possible.

But some people don’t hunt out of necessity. Like those who club helpless seals or shoot mourning doves for target practice.

No, some people just like to kill. It is sick and scary.

By: PJO Sun, 08 Feb 2009 06:17:48 +0000 What does abortion have to do with the wolf issue? It is totally irrelevant.

Ashley Judd is articulate and did a tremendous job of explaining this issue.

If you listened to the interview you would know that Ashley has donated to Defenders. She is not paid for this.

The people who are knocking Ashley are already anti-animal welfare. You heard what you wanted to hear. Obviously it wasn’t the same interview I heard.

Those of you who are far right and “Christian” read up on your Bible. It supports treating animals with respect. Guess you hadn’t heard about that one.

By: Kym McCormick Sat, 07 Feb 2009 18:42:17 +0000 Absolutely mind-boggling the absolute ignorance of this woman, Ashley Judd. She rabidly protects the “rights” of wolves to live and yet rabidly protects the “rights” of mother’s to kill their own children. Does ANYONE see the irony in this????

By: JL Wortham Fri, 06 Feb 2009 21:46:34 +0000 To the individual who feels the “point” was missed.

First off, I am no expert on Caribou, never claimed to be. Simply someone who is moderately informed pointing out the larger scope of the issue AT HAND….which BTW, is NOT the issue of pet overpopulation, abortion, the education system’s failures, the homeless crisis or the multitude of other issues being addressed by a plethora of activists all over the world. Certainly there are many valid, important issues in dire need of being remedied. As someone who works in dog rescue, I can testify personally to the validity the issue you mention on the plight of domestic animals.

Yet, THIS is an environmental blog on the subject of the Alaska wolves and Palin’s policies regarding such…not on the pet population issues….there are many charities and groups (a number of which I support and work with myself) already dedicated to addressing THOSE issues.

Why is D.O.W. “on about” the issues of the slaughter of Alaska’s wolves?

First off, DOW came about as a result of the efforts of those involved in the Yellowstone wolf restoration which brought back an important member of our ecosystem which had been wiped out 60 years earlier by those with a similar mentality to the supporters of Alaska’s current policies. This same cavalier attitude toward wildlife in our history (that when left unchecked) led to the slaughter of as many as 100,000. wolves a year until canis lupus were completely eliminated from their habitat in the Western United States. Defenders of Wildlife understands well how a history ignored can be repeated. The founders set up this organization to prevent such happening to the Yellowstone wolves. This group then expanded to assist in a number of issues regarding the preservation of wildlife AND it’s many beneficial effects on our entire ecosystem.

Many make the mistake of trivializing the disregard or even the potential loss of any specific species. Yet each species plays an important role in the balancing of our entire ecosystem…which by the way, IS essential to our survival as well. For those who don’t understand the importance of any specific species and their far reaching impact on the entirety of the ecosystem one should do some research on “trophic cascade” to understand how every species (plant or animal) impacts the multitude of other species, and even to the quality of the air we breathe. It actually is some interesting reading…quite an eye opener.

The disregard of appropriate wildlife management is FAR from the “proverbial gnat on the elephant’s butt”. Such a view is myopic, to say the very least.

To compare this to the plight of (insert cause here) is comparing apples & oranges. What is an important issue for one may be less so for others but all are valid in their own right. Is the plight of pet overpopulation to be trivialized by those advocates for the homeless? Or the issue that many children in this country do not have healthcare available? I have seen others seek to do that very thing and it is no more appropriate (or productive) there than it is here.

There are many things that need fixing in our world.
IMHO, our energy is better invested in supporting the causes we choose to instead of trivializing others. One cannot effectively create positive change for one cause by investing their energy into trivializing another.

By: Lana Fri, 06 Feb 2009 04:07:37 +0000 To the “expert” on the cause of declining Caribou populations, you totally missed the point. Palin and her policies, declining caribou populations and domestic pet euthanasia have been ongoing debatable issues. My point is, why now, why the wolves? Why address an issue that only affects a few hundred animals per year versus over 6 million every year. To hear a celebrity speak of the senseless slaughter of helpless animals, and to select the wolves versus domestic animals, is like addressing the proverbial gnat on the elephant’s butt. The research has been done.

By: JL Wortham Fri, 06 Feb 2009 00:25:49 +0000 Also….on a side note to whoever believes that Palin is being targeted for publicity because of her recent bid for VP. You might want to do a little research.

Palin (and her policies) has been a focus for conservationists in general and Defenders of Wildlife specifically since she became Gov. of Alaska. She may have been an unknown to the general populace before the Presidential campaign but her policies of wildlife management have been under scrutiny from their inception. I have been reading articles from DOW (and other sources)on Alaska’s Wildlife policies for years and Palin is no new name in them. Feel free to check the archives at the Defenders of Wildlife website.

By: JL Wortham Thu, 05 Feb 2009 23:33:50 +0000 First off, the abortion issue is not relevant to this issue…why such unrelated rhetoric is being injected here defies logic.

Now, I am no critic of RESPONSIBLE wildlife management. Palin’s policies however do not reflect responsble management but only address one factor in the cause of declining Caribou populations. While predation is one , factor in the decline it is only one variable and is exacerbated far less by predator populations (which are self-limiting) than by a huge number of underlying issues with the overall health (and reproductive and developmental rates) of the herd.

According to recent Studies/Research Projects, of which there are a growing number as caribou herds are declining in many of their natural ranges in many different northern regions, there are a number of factors influencing the decline of caribou herds.

According to their findings pregnancy rates of Caribou dropped by 20% since the 1990s. Survival rates of calves also dropped significantly due to a number of factors besides predation…and that these factors exacerbated predation losses that included disease, parasites, nutritional deficiencies that were causing lower birth rates, slower development of calves, weak and sick calves with lower survival rates that were also more vulnerable to predation. Global warming is also being shown to HEAVILY influence declining herd populations as is human encroachment into the territories/habitats of caribou.

Here are some of the findings from the ADF&G (Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game) article on the ADF&G 2005 research project from their website:
(Investigating The Decline of The Northern
Alaska Peninsula Caribou Herd…By Elizabeth Manning)

“Biologists don’t know yet why the Northern Alaska Peninsula herd has so many health problems. Some diseases may have been introduced from other caribou herds or by cattle while the increase in parasites may have something to do with climate change.”

“It appeared there was significant impact of disease on young caribou,” Beckmen said.”

“Beckmen found that prior to 1999, the Northern Alaska Peninsula herd appeared relatively disease-free. But beginning in 2000, the blood work showed the presence of antibodies to Bovine Respiratory Viral Disease Complex.”

” Examinations of adult caribou also showed the caribou were heavily infested with parasites including Ostertagia, also known as the brown stomach worm. The parasite infects caribou as well as domestic reindeer and is known to reduce pregnancy rates and calf weights.”

“In addition to understanding more about predator-prey dynamics, the biologists are also trying to learn about nutrition and habitat, and to understand the role of underlying health problems such as disease and parasites.”

“A declining herd probably never has just one problem,” Dale said. “We’re doing our best to sort these things out.”

From the University of Alberty study:
(University Of Alberta (2004, September 3). Computer Models Expose Humans As Main Cause Of Caribou Decline. ScienceDaily.)

“ScienceDaily (Sep. 3, 2004) — If not for humans, the number of woodland caribou in northern Alberta would be seven times greater than it is now, a new study from the University of Alberta shows.”

“The models show that human activities stood out overwhelmingly as the variable most responsible for the woodland caribou’s decline in northern Alberta. The models also showed that woodland caribou could coexist with uncontrolled wolf populations in northern Alberta, but if human developments continue at the current rate, the number of woodland caribou in the area will drop sharply in about 15 years, and continue dropping until they are eliminated from the area in 37 years.”

Yet another scientific study sites “trophic mismatch” as a primary causitive factor in declineing Caribou populations in Greenland.

(Penn State (2008, May 2). Global Warming Linked To Caribou-calf Mortality. ScienceDaily.)

Coincidentally: “This research was funded by the University of Alaska, the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment, and the National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration.”

“ScienceDaily (May 2, 2008) — Fewer caribou calves are being born and more of them are dying in West Greenland as a result of a warming climate, according to Eric Post, a Penn State associate professor of biology. Post, who believes that caribou may serve as an indicator species for climate changes including global warming, based his conclusions on data showing that the timing of peak food availability no longer corresponds to the timing of caribou births.

The phenomenon, called trophic mismatch, is a predicted consequence of climate change, in which the availability of food shifts in response to warming, whereas the timing of demand for those resources does not keep pace.”

Responsible wildlife management is about determining and addressing ALL factors. Presently not enough is known about predator/prey dynamics in either a healthy or a malnurished, heavily diseased/parasite infested caribou herd to make a policy of predator slaughter into a real (responsible) solution to a MUCH larger problem with many other KNOWN factors at play.

There is MUCH to critcise about Palin’s wildlife management…based on scientific studies found in the world of science, NOT notions found in “cartoon world”. Perhaps Palin should actually read these studies (some of which were funded in part by the State of Alaska) before blaming “The Big Bad Wolf”….Geeze, talk about living in Cartoon World! Palin is a full time resident.