Climate change making U.S. forests quieter?

February 11, 2009

Add quieter U.S. forests, woods, and backyards to the list of changes our lives could face from climate change. A piece by my colleague Deborah Zabarenko explores the movement of American birds northward, sometimes hundreds of miles into Canada.

An Audubon Society study of citizen observations that took place over 40 years found that 58 percent of 305 bird species found on the continental U.S. shifted significantly to the north as temperatures warmed. Forest and feeders birds, like finches and chickadees, moved deep into the Canadian Boreal Forest.

Besides the loss of chittering and chirps, what else do you think might be lost from climate-related migrations?

Photo of Purple Finch/National Audubon Society handout


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We cannot stop climate change,the inertia is too great now,we can speed up recovery though,if we act now,start planting billions of trees and stop cutting them down.There is a tree which grows to maturity in 5-7 years,no knots,straight grain,produces 3 mature trees in 14 years from 1 planting,grows at a rate of 1 meter per month and is saline tolerant,this should be used for wood chipping and paper, not pine, plant ordinary forest trees and save wildlife, plant this other special tree and save the world.

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[…] at  Get full text; support writer, producer of the words: 9/02/11/climate-change-making-us-forests -quieter/  Add quieter U.S. forests, woods, and backyards to the list of changes our lives could face […]

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I have noticed some birds in my garden last year, not previously seen and som Robins have been here all winter, even thoigh it has been quite a cold winter here in Nova Scotia. But if there is a migration northward of birds that normally lives within the confines of continental USA due to warmer temperatures, one must ask if not birds from more southern lattitudes would move into the US, to exploit the abandoned resources in the forest there.

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Climate change is inevitable. The earth has been changing her climate since she was born. And will continue to do so. It has NOTHING to do with man. You people who pray at the alter of the Goracle are wrong. The earth has actually been COOLING since 1998. But I’m sure you wont let a fact like that get in the way of your big social behaviorial modification experiment.

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Finally, someone comments on the inevitable climate change (Feb 14, 2009 11:50 pm) I like the term Goracle and social behaviorial modification experiment. Let’s not forget what these will cost with billions being spent to try to change the climate because of AGW. And Obama is jumping on the wagon.

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It’s time to grow up. Stop taking other people’s word on global warming. Read the CRU documents for yourself. Everyone that I know who has read them has come to the conclusion that something very fishy is going on. I don’t know what they were doing over there at CRU, but that’s not the way do to science!

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