Ice Age or global warming?

February 24, 2009

It looks more like an Ice Age than global warming.

There is so much snow in Oslo, where I live, that the city authorities are resorting to dumping truckloads of it in the sea because the usual storage sites on land are full.

That is angering environmentalists who say the snow is far too dirty – scraped up from polluted roads — to be added to the fjord. The story even made it to the front page of the local paper (‘Dumpes i sjøen’: ‘Dumped in the sea’).

In many places around the capital there’s about a metre of snow, the most since 2006 when it was last dumped in the sea. Extra snow usually gets trucked to sites on land, where most of the polluted dirt is left after the thaw. Those stores are now full — in some the snow isn’t expected to melt before September.

But are these mountains of snow a sign that global warming isn’t happening?

Unfortunately, more snow might fit projections by the U.N. Climate Panel, which says that northern Europe is likely to get wetter and the south drier as temperatures rise this century.

“By the 2070s, hydropower potential for the whole of Europe is expected to decline by 6 percent, with strong regional variations from a 20 to 50 percent decrease in the Mediterranean region to a 15 to 30 increase in northern and eastern Europe.” it said in a 2007 report (page 60 of this link).

So people in northern Europe may have to buy more snow shovels than parasols to cope with global warming?

How about where you live?


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Very true. i live in Springfield Missouri in the united states, and we have recently had some ice and snow, and some bitterly cold tempatures. I’m hoping the weather report will be right this time, or I’ll be expecting more snow, like allways. It’s supposed to be in the lower 70′s in temp, so im getting out my shorts! :)

Dear Alexandra:

Of course no one wants to remove CO2. But if you do a little research, you will find out that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Which up until now has been a good thing as it makes us nice and comfy here on earth. However, we are now releasing so much of it into the athmosphere that it’s too much for all the world’s plants to keep the levels down to a normal level. That causes abnormal global warming. Nobody ever said we shouldn’t have CO2 at all. Just that there’s too much of it. Maybe if we stop cutting down forests and start planting new ones almost everywhere we might be able to reduce the levels. As it is, it’s going to take centuries at least, even if we stop releasing it right now.

Hope that made things a little clearer for you.

Katja, who also lives in Oslo.

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I just think people need to make them selves aware of what is causing our global warming! We have many reasons on why we are where we are and not enough people are doing anything about it. One person will not make a difference but an entire world can! Lets make a difference and learn about the reasons on how we got here!

HAHA…. ah… I really like the idea of a Greener future with renewable technologies.. but its all in good time. Why don’t you explain the other side of the argument? Its really kind of hilarious what man has going on here.Has any one seen!?! Its a huge propaganda for one side of the debate and although I enjoy what your goal is I don’t like your idea of putting children on ad’s saying help them before its to late. You are sick.
As a student studying geology I don’t see how man can say I am so full of myself that I affect everything. The planet earth has an amazing ability to heal itself. What is going on right now is a warming period, the sea level is where it was 120,000 years ago. We should invest in development of renewable energies because i agree with recycling, and the idea of “no wasted resource,” but cutting CO2 emissions isnt going to do it.
Has anyone ever thought of how CO2 got here? Volcanism; Krakatoa released more CO2, Methane, and Sulfur dioxide in the Atmosphere than the whole industrial revolution up to this point in time. Along with Vesuvius other volcanoes, there is much more “natural pollution” than people think. We are in a natural warming trend which will only go so far. we aren’t doing anything to hurt the earth besides using its resources. That is why we need to be SUSTAINABLE. there is no mathematical/statistical formula that proves we are causing it happen faster either………. People need to chill…and recycle!!!! haha random fact–(Al gorse mansion uses more electricity in one week than an average American family uses in one year.)(U.S. Energy Stats.2007)

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Well Michael your partially correct. The Earth dose have the ability to cleanse itself but the pollution we are emitting is not included in the natural cycle of carbon the earth is able to cleanse and yes this may be a warming period you have to also think that during that last warming period the amount of carbon we emitted annually was about 1/32 of 1% of what we are emitting now and that doesnt even include the unatural chemical we are emitting into the atmosphere, soil, waterways, and eventually the oceans ecosystem which is the main carbon sink of that healing process that you were talking about did you ever think that there may be a limitations on the amounts that the oceans and lands carbon sinks can take. We are perminently changeing the ph of our water and land. heres an easy and bold experiment id like you to try since your so sure were not changeing the atmosphere take a glass of tap water go to you car and start it hold the glass of water up to your exhaust pipe until it turns a funky shade of yellow and then drink it i bet that will change your outlook a little. No offense intended just think about what ive said here.

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While there are, obviously, two very strong arguments in the global warming debate, the tie-breaker is the EARTH itself. Our planet is a living entity created by God, Himself. When we humans itch, we scratch. When we’re sick, we vomit out poisons. When we’re cold, we shiver. Earth has similar physical reactions. Point being? Get ready for earth’s reactions, because they are coming. May God help us all.

global warming messes with weather patterns. It is hard to measure global warming because all the temperatures in a specific area show really no pattern. It is the receding ice caps that say it is warming, not cooling.

If people in northern Europe may have to buy more snow shovels than parasols to cope with global warming, here in our place, the government Agencies/officials made an advocacy for global warming entitled “Climate Change” and i think datz a big help to lessen d effects of global warming…I hope dat u will post more about global warming…tnx a lot!!!more power!!!
global warming

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