California’s green jobs start young

March 17, 2009

California’s green jobs program is off to the races with $20 million in state and fed funds for a 20-month program for some 1,000 ‘at risk’ young adults. The California Green Corps will have a little of everything — green job training, a stipend, educational requirement and community service. Whether green industry, which is much more battered by the recession than many had hoped, will be able to hire when the government tap turns off is still a subject of debate. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sure hopes so.

The state has high hopes for green — the folding kind — from green — the environmentally friendly kind. The state’s fact sheet linked above suggests 114,000 jobs and $25.3 billion in additional annual revenue from California green policies. Forecasting is tough, though, and estimates of what California’s global warming legislation will mean to the economy have been savaged. The state is pushing ahead with policies to combat global warming while acknowledging the economy might force changes.

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It’s heartwarming to see California opening up to young people with all this money, especially since the CA Goverment can’t seem to pay for police or ambulances or fire stations or sewage disposal or……………. Hey California, lets’see if we can make sure grammom can’t afford electricity any more, but let’s spend ton’s of cash on hopes and dreams……………..

Posted by Shawn | Report as abusive

It saddens me that we’ve become “idiocracy.”

Someday, when California mandates EV’s and there’s no
electricity because we don’t have any power plants
and everyone is sitting in the dark, someone will
spout, “We have electric cars. They’re what we need.”
How are our so called best & brightest falling for all
of this? Think about what it takes to make batteries
and add that to your environmental costs. Then think
about what it takes to make new cars constantly.
Anybody that was dead serious about the environment would
want everyone to drive the modern equivalent of a 1984
Mercedes Diesel and drive it for 35 years. THAT is
environmental. Not a new Prius every 4 years.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive