Lights out: biggest show of climate concern ever?

March 20, 2009

 “It promises to be largest demonstration of public concern about climate change ever attempted”, according to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

He’s not talking about something like an international series of protest marches, a coordinated shift to buying greener goods, nor a boycott of cars in favour of public transport.

What he wants is simply for you (and at least a billion other people) to turn out the lights for an “Earth Hour” on Saturday, March 28, from 8.30 p.m. local time.

This 60 minutes of darkness has really caught the public imagination — a year ago in the same event an estimated 50 million people worldwide joined in turning off lights after the idea started in Sydney in 2007 when 2.2 million homes and businesses took part. Now the target is for at least a billion people ( … and the organisers including WWF conservation group have even got Ban to make a video message about it). 

“I urge citizens everywhere to join us,” Ban says. “We are on a dangerous path, the planet is warming and we must change our ways.”

U.N. headquarters in New York will turn off the lights, along with landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The combination photo top right, by Tim Wimborne, shows Sydney Harbour Bridge before and after the switches were thrown last year.


 “Earth Hour is a way for the citizens of the world to send a clear message. They want action on climate change,” Ban said.

Organisers suggest 10 ways to spend Earth Hour, such as a candlelight dinner (don’t be surprised if shares in candle-making companies rally this coming week), a night picnic in a park (if you live in a city you might even see the stars) or a romantic night with your loved one (if you work in a hospital maternity ward I reckon you may have to work overtime around Christmas and New Year 2010 to deliver a rush of babies).

So why has the lights off idea taken off so well? And has it made people more aware of saving energy at other times of the year? Any suggestions about what to do?


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Aren’t we great?! Let’s turn off the lights for an hour and feel good about changing the world!! Then we can all drive to a party and celebrate, and wear clothes made in on the other side of the Pacific and eat oranges grown in Morrocco!

Posted by Kory | Report as abusive

RSS is an idiot.

Gotta start somewhere. I don’t suppose you learned how to speak English in one step. Grow up and turn off the lights.

Earth Hour is a great idea and my wife and I actually kept the lights off from 6pm until the next day.

Posted by mel van gruwen | Report as abusive

I cannot comprehend why the media has promulgated such an idea as this. Trying to measure something from results of this will mean less than nothing.

Posted by nebcfsj | Report as abusive

I think its time we didn’t trun the lights for an hour once a year. I beleive it is time we turn the street lights off at 2am and leave em off till dawn everyday. We waste so much energy to support this silly 24/7 world corporations try make us beleive we need so they can live in the lah lah land of ever growing profits for their shareholders no concern for the real costs

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

Part of its popularity lies in it being a source of confidence that “you’re doing the right thing,” even though it doesn’t necessarily make the average person less of a consumer. Earth Hour is definitely not the answer to global climate change, but it does elicit awareness, or at least force people to think for a second. In an age when we’re struggling to make sustainable living a concept that all people embrace, I think Earth Hour’s importance lies in realizing that Earth Hour is not nearly enough… It’s a symbol of consumption, and hopefully the more people that become aware of it, the more people will start to do little things here and there to lessen his or her impact. Obviously there’s that shred of doubt, or view of “what’s the point,” but I would rather be optimistic in thinking that it’s doing some good than dismiss it completely as fake progress.

Posted by Elizabeth | Report as abusive

Screw the earth.
In protest of earth hour I went out driving and burnt a tank of gas for no reason at all, and left all the lights on in my house all of the next day.
Who’s with me here?

Posted by James | Report as abusive

Amazing how many sheep will follow the leader over the fence!

Posted by Monte Carlo | Report as abusive

What are street light for.
We are ask to turn lights off in our houses, to buy energy saving light bulbs , so some company can make more profit, but we don’t see company or building turn there light off at night time to save the energy. If all city lights where turn off all the time not just for one hour of one night per year, then we might see the stars.

Posted by David Tapp | Report as abusive

Why don’t offices turn their lights off every night? Are they too lazy to flick a switch? It just doesn’t make sense. The govt should do something about it

Posted by JJ | Report as abusive

What a joke.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Well, at least is a small step, lets not use extra energy for celebration, after the 1 hour is up….it should be a continuous efforts….but are we scarifying security during this hour?

Posted by Eric | Report as abusive

Oh Geez! Another day of fearmongering by the IPCC. Sorry to inform all of you, but the polar icecap is not melting away and the religion of global warming is now being recognized as the sham “science” that it is. All this in a year where global temperatures are dipping and the oceans are cooling. My hats off to Al Gore who is making lots of money off of the global warming scam.

Posted by Mike Strong | Report as abusive

Might rethink this maneuver and decide on something else to express your opinion.

What the average Jane/Joe doesn’t realize is that when you start up an appliance or light there is an inrush surge of current required to get whatever going. This inrush is usually at least 10x the normal running current. That means that the power companies supplying power to all the folks participating in this will be required to put out 10x or more of their normal load and this can and probably will wreak havoc on the power generators and circuit breakers involved. Under normal conditions startups are random and the load surge is averaged over a period of time which is what the system is designed to do.

You want a power outage? You are going to get more than you bargained for. Better go out and buy yourself a standby generator to run your house while the power companies restore power from your brownout….naw probably will be a blackout!

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

General conservation of all resources is a great way to live. You’ll save money. If that weren’t reason enough the cost of living will go down. Supply and Demand economics has always seen to that. The planet is small and finite. It is a closed system. To sustain it, we need to become its stewards. Currently, we are in raid mode. Google “The Story of Stuff”. A nice short film.

Posted by Patrick McMillan | Report as abusive

to james (posted at 5:53 GMT) who wants to screw the earth…
dude, you just burnt a tank of gas and used up a days worth of lights a week early…so you get to do it next week too; Brilliant!

Posted by rolandson | Report as abusive

@ Mark – For a lightbulb, the “inrush surge of current” you describe is equivalent to leaving the light bulb on for 60 SECONDS. Unless you are going to turn them back on within that first minute, it DOES save energy to turn the lights off. This article was not referring to “appliances”, only lights. Learn to read.

@ Mike Strong – Do you have one shred of evidence to support this drivel?

@ everyone who thinks that one hour does not make a difference – We are not expecting to stop climate change with this event. It is meant to bring awareness and hopefully a long-term shift in attitudes and behaviors. Planting one tree on Arbor Day won’t save the world. But it WILL educate the children, and bring awareness to the adults, and thereby effect long-term changes. Same concept here. My house will be dark on the 28th.

Posted by PatrickLBC | Report as abusive

The world is NOT warming; temperatures topped out in the late 90’s. Yes, it’s a joke, but a scary one politically.

Posted by C. Piercy | Report as abusive

I love it; let’s do it!

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

In our family, the lights are off between 8:00 p.m. until the next morning. We have been doing this for years and loving it. Our electric bill is only $15/month for a 5 bed rooms house, and most important of all we spend time together as a family instead of spending time in front of the TV.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

This is so ridiculously stupid. The power grids are not set up to handle a massive shutdown for an hour. This could easily trigger rolling blackouts. Does anyone consider the consequences?

Posted by whatastupididea | Report as abusive

Seems to me that the electricity will still be generated – just not used. This won’t actually save anything.

Posted by Mike in Montana | Report as abusive

I have a better idea for people who seriously believe that global warming is a catastrophy in the making. Sell your car, sell your house, quite your job and sterilze yourselve. Then move to the wilderness and live in harmony with the nature. Until large numbers of global warmongers start making those types of meaningful lifestyle changes I will continue to conclude that they are only posturing. In the mean time please stop imposing your quasi-religious values on the rest us.

Posted by B Haack | Report as abusive

I propose that anyone with a brain should turn on every light they have, start their cars, start their lawnmowers, start their boats, start their weedwackers, spraypaint anything in sight and use aerosol deodorant. Until there is an actual FACT that actually demonstrates that man-made global warming exists, I guess I’ll just thank all you idiots for lessening the demand for fuel for an hour and making it cheaper for me. In the meantime, you tree-huggers keep following the press and the dumb-o-crats right back to the stone age.

Posted by realist | Report as abusive

It’s amazing how this “Global Warming” scare has spread so far and wide. The simple facts are for the last eleven years the global temperature has been dropping! Remember that satellite with the bad sensors? They said that Antarctica was melting and it was really bad data. Bad data, bad science! All I know is we don’t know jack!

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

Let those who think there is global warming turn out their lights. But if they are sincere about the global warming they should change their lifestyle to reflect a much lower carbon footprint. If YOU don’t all of this is just hot air. (and I hope that you didn’t heat it using a carbon based fuel)!

Posted by Curly | Report as abusive

When the corporate consumers and the filthy rich begin doing more than telling us plebians how terrible we are for contributing to supposed global warming, I’ll consider action on my part. I would bet that 1 Las Vegas casino uses more electricity in 12 hours than I will be responsible for in a lifetime. How about telling the MLB, NFL, Nascar, et al to cease night-time events? How many megawatts do the arenas they utilize eat up in a night? Aside from all that, if enough sheeple follow along, and shut off their electricity at the same time the risk of over-voltage situations on transmission and distribution lines exists. August 2003 anyone? A better idea is this: Shut down 1/2 the coal burning power plants in the U.S. on a weekday, and see how many of the global warming proponents turn themselves into hypocrites.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

learn the importance of the public mindset. If everything thinks their vote doesn’t count, no one will vote. If everyone thinks skipping n taxes is ok, no one would pay taxes.
Here’s a thought: think.

Posted by Casey | Report as abusive

I can see how turning the lights off for an hour will make millions feel better, and perhaps even reverse the natural warming and cooling cycles of the earth.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Phooey on this… I ain’t doing it. I need me lights at night so I can load my gun with ammo.

Posted by Oceana Jones | Report as abusive

I have an idea that will work better than lights out! Let Bush run up oil prices, deregulate housing, then crash the economy, businesses will fail, people will be laid off, and then, we won’t have money to keep the lights on! Crime will soar as streets go dark, and then tragedies of the commons will strike us so hard, that utilities won’t be able to keep lights on more than a flicker!

That will slow down global warming…

Posted by jack | Report as abusive

I want to thank reuters for this story letting me know when earth hour is this year. I’ve marked my calendar. Like last year, I will be turning on every light and appliance in my apartment for this hour, to protest the complete stupidity of the global warming morons who will voluntarily throw themselves back into the dark ages in the name of “saving the planet”. The only thing this planet needs saving from is the idiocy of people like Al Gore and the IPCC.

Posted by offsuit | Report as abusive

What ever happened to the Blue Law were stores and businesses had to close on Sunday. Reenact this Law.
Put a deposit on all Coke and Plastic Bottles,also Beer cans.Cigarette butts wouldn’t hurt. People will quit littering our roads and start Recycling. You could put a better exhaust on vehicles. It ain’t improved in years. Make it a scrubber it would stop carbon footprints. You could change the solution like you do oil at oil change places.

Posted by JohnLingberg | Report as abusive

It’s just a marketing ploy to raise awareness. No need to be afraid or cynical about it. And truthfully, if it causes brown or blackouts, then it’ll just get more publicity! If your local grid is not able to support a bunch of people turning things on and off at the same time, don’t you think that in itself is a sign? We still have people who refuse to believe in something that is pretty much the concensus within the scientific community. We definitely need more awareness. PatrickLBC has it right. We’re going for long term changes, but we have to start somewhere. Everybody assumed the earth was flat. When it was discovered to be round, it didn’t become common knowledge overnight. I just hope we don’t have to wait that long for people to realize what climate change is.

Posted by Freeze | Report as abusive

I may have to turn on more lights. This is another stupid U.N. idea. The U.N. should be closed down or at least moved out of the United States of America. They are nothing more than a gigantic corrupt organization that accomplishes very little for the massive amount of money that is given to them. I would like to see how many delegates attend conferences or show up for work if you put the U.N. in say China or Russian or Mexico City. They are filled with corrupt delegates and spies.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

“This is so ridiculously stupid. The power grids are not set up to handle a massive shutdown for an hour. This could easily trigger rolling blackouts. Does anyone consider the consequences?”

Totally wrong. It’s NOT a massive shutdown – its only lights. Yes there is a surge of current when a light is turned on; but it is instantaneous and only lasts fractions of a second. When you turn on a light the electricty to do it travels from the generator to the light bulb in less than millionths of a second, so you have your electricity way before another person can flip a switch. Millions of people would have to turn on their lights to within less than millionths of a second of each other. What causes a “brownout” or power failure is constant load over a period of hours that is too much for the transformers to handle/ and or the voltage drops because the amount of current flowing through the lines is more than they can carry – not as a surge but as constant current. If everyone turned on their furnace, power saw, and hot water heater at the same time then yes maybe that would cause problems – but that is NOT what is suggested. When the power goes out in a windstorm it is usually a short circuit to ground that causes local breakers to shut down the power to prevent damage to transformers and substations from super high current.

Since a light bulb’s surge is instantaneous; the chances of enough people turning on enough lights all at once to cause a power outage is astronomically high against the likelihood if it actually happening . Quick, run through your house and turn on all the lights at once EXACTLY the same time as every one else! Even if people are turning off their main circuit breaker, they would still have to coordinate their switching to within one or two seconds – that will never happen. Learn something about statistics and electricity. Turn off your lights and save some power.

Posted by dave | Report as abusive

ROFLMFAO!!!! The only reason ANYONE should follow this global warming lunacy(yet another liberal “feel good” issue) is to simply lower their own utility bill!

Posted by Bryan | Report as abusive

That’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a looooong time.

The person below me wants to comment about the previous poster. So, he/she sees “Comments RSS” and thinks the person’s name is RSS- then calls that person an idiot…lol…actually…ROFLMFAO!!!!

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

Right and good, and right on! The only people you see here who are against this are old people who grew up in an age of massive consumer consumption.

Posted by LonghornMama | Report as abusive

Actually, you have to go to Page 1 to see that message…

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

To all of you who think global warming is a sham, think about this: You have to agree that the earth is a FINITE resource. You also have to agree that we are consuming those resources at a faster rate than ever before in order to sustain population growth. As a result, you also have to agree that consumer waste is rising at the fastest rate in history. These cannot be ‘good’ things for a planet. If you disagree that average sea temperatures are rising, and you disagree that polar ice caps are disappearing, and you disagree that the ozone layer is diminishing, you at least would have to agree that continuing on our current path of ‘consumption’ is not in our best interest (or Earth’s). Like a parasite, we will thrive while resources are abundant… but once we use them up, bad things happen! My lights will be out as a show of support for desperately needed attention to this catastrophic problem.

Posted by Phoenix | Report as abusive

Honestly, I do not understand how people that claim to be intelligent can actually try and say that Global Warming is a conspiracy or not real. Come on people, the fact is that CFC’s are Poison, they do break down the bonds in the Ozone. They are letting more harmful radiation from the Sun in. And when you and your family gets cancer, or when you see major port cities flooding, or see millions die of drought, I hope you all think back to your ignorance.

Posted by Wayne Morgan | Report as abusive

Lights out for an hours will not likely change the day but it might get people thinking about our climate concerns
and thats definitely E-OK, (Environmentally OK)

Posted by william B | Report as abusive

Reading comments from the “average Joe (or Jane) has really become depressing. There is so much stupidity, negativity, and apathy. And so many people who don’t give a rip about anything that they cannot see a personal benefit to them within the next week – anything beyond that is either beyond their comprehension or more effort/sacrifice than they’re willing to make. While observing the comments of humanity at large, it’s hard to believe that we are not doomed.

This effort is not about “saving electricity” per se, it is about creating a visible demonstration of the level of concern by humanity at large for the health of our planet. It’s purpose is to show leaders and others the level of concern and desire to start charting a different path to our future. So please, stop with all the inane comments about how little electricity, etc. that this will save…. you are missing the point!

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

It is amazing the amount of anger this seems to be causing. Geez, just turn out the lights for an hour and have some fun. Go look at the stars. Maybe even try to use a little less energy in the future. Even if you do not believe in climate change, there is nothing wrong with trimming some of our excesses. Why not participate, it could be memorable!

P.S. I must admit, Oceana Jones’ comment was pretty darn funny.

Posted by Doom | Report as abusive

“Seems to me that the electricity will still be generated – just not used. This won’t actually save anything.”

Your theory is wrong. Your statement violates the first law of thermodynamics. Energy not used on one end of the generator’s line is not used on the other end at the generator- energy cannot be destroyed or created only converted. “Electricity” is voltage and current. You are not charged for the voltage you use you are charged for the current. When your lights are off they are not drawing current. The generators require twisting force to produce current, this uses more coal, water or whatever force is used to spin the generators to supply current to a load – less load – less current. Yes, they will spin when they have less load and voltage will be present, but it does not take as much force to turn the generators with less of a load.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

I remember this!!! It was Hands Across America and it was supposed to raise awareness of….of…. I can’t remember but it was awesome!!!

How about everyone turn off their TV’s for an hour at night and read a book or spend some time with their children? This is another ridiculous “feel goody” event which won’t amount to any permanent change. Of course, it is the UN so no shocker there.

Posted by Jason A | Report as abusive


I really appreciate your efforts in going green.
I hope you get a grand success in your green path.

The thing which concerns me a lot is that United States being a developed nation are having so many issues in controlling the global warming.. can you imagine for un-developed or even developing countries like africa/ pakistan/ india/ china?

Global warming is a global topic & you have to be very serious with this issue. This should not be country specific neither a country should say that “we’ll take care of our country & you think about yours”.

Tomorrow if China consumes a lot of energy & generating hell lot of electronic waste/ may be a/c gases which are eventually going to affect the planet.. US is going to suffer that.

You should basically understand the implementation or ways people take this issue in consideration.

In countries like Pakistan/ India/ China.. I do not believe this is being taken care in a very serious manner.

I can say that people are “very less” aware of the risk of global warming & governments are least bothered. You may take a survey in these countries & understand how aligned they are with this topic.

Governments are showing some “proofs” that they have tries to spread the awareness but in-fact if you see the implementation; people are not bothered !!!

Its the governments “duty” to make the people understand & if not; should punish such crook (whoever he is.. may be a politicial/ may be a police officer/ may be army chief/ may be a common man) who commits the mistake of breaking the laws of “Global Warming”.

For this you’ve to come-up with a global “Code of conduct” which every individual in each country must follow & a global governing authority who has the rights to punish the guilty.

My point is you may not waste your time & money in making “only” statements but should have some “action plan” accordingly.

Else… forget your planet…

Posted by luvyoulot | Report as abusive

Beware the disease is spreading

Posted by WakeUpSmelltheCoffee | Report as abusive

Step back and think reality. Turn all your lights on. Talk your neighbors into turning their lights on too. This whole -save the planet- generation is, at best, just a gigantic plan to create more fear and profits to those pushing the idea. Why don’t we first sit down and have a real, honest discussion. There are many, many scientist and others that do not believe in the scope of the problem. I’ve learned taking all humans off the planet would only change co2 by less than 1%. The earth has actually cooled in the last 10 years. Many of the statistics used by these fear mongers are flawed or picked over to suit their point (Al Gore in particular). Let’s find out the truth before we create another monster we can not afford.

Posted by Rick Kerns | Report as abusive

This nonsense did not work last year, why do you think it will be any different this year?

How can anyone be have any sense and fall for this nonsense on anthropogenic gloabl warming? You people do realise that the earth has been warmer and cooler in the past right? How can you say that this most recent temprature zone is what is most ideal for the planet and where it should remain?

Not to mention all the bad data and false assumptions that have gone into the myth of man-made global warming.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

Everyone puts so much stock in these “Climate Computer Models” that they don’t question their accuracy. Just imagine for a moment a computer model powerful enough to predict climate trends with all “variables” accounted for. Imagine that if a model this powerful existed, would it be safe to assume that this model could solve other mathematical problems with far fewer variables and more factual data. Technically, you should be able to calculate the Stock Market with 99% accuracy. Correct?
Is there Climate Change? Yes. But that is what happens on the tail end of an Ice Age. Let us worry about more important things than these Eco-chondriacs.

Posted by Harris | Report as abusive

HELP! HELP! The sky is falling! The sky is falling! please excuse me while I puke from all this malarky being jammed down my throat!

Posted by guy | Report as abusive

Well maybe when they see the lights go out one will come on!

Posted by bd | Report as abusive

I hope that one billion people spending an extra hour in the dark together will not result in any more babies, because that is the last thing we need.

Posted by Dennis C | Report as abusive

All Global Warming activists should just turn off their lights, and leave them off (forever), what better way for them to demonstrate how serious they are {… and if they actually make a difference, all the better}.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

TURN YOUR LIGHTS OFF when you leave the room. Besides that, welcome to the new wave of created income for the future. Why not? Maybe those jobs can’t be shipped to China. Mass mind control is soo cool. I enjoy the show.

Posted by Timothy | Report as abusive

I think that the Idea is absurd. Turning off all lights would leave you with 3 choices.
1. a hand cranked flashlight
2. a normal flashlight
3. a candle (a candle would only put co2 in the air anyway)

Posted by David | Report as abusive

I love reading the comments from the folks who say that these kinds of demonstrations are socialism or gov’t mind control. What a bunch of rubes! The only people who would think that are the ones who fear change and can’t imagine a world different than the one they’re currently stuck in now. Wake up you schmucks! You’re standing in the way of progress and keeping us in the stone age.

Posted by Scott | Report as abusive

Sounds fun. It is impotence in action, but sounds fun anyway. Since we don’t effect climate change, we are just whistling in the dark here. In addition, to help with the economy, we ought to hold flashlights to our faces and tell scary stories. Either is just as effective. How about to fix poverty we wear the same clothes 2 days in a row? I know, I know: We can throw virgins into a volcano to fix our current sun spot cycle problems.

Posted by A Different Dave | Report as abusive

What a hoax and so many of you are falling for it. Global temps have been going down since the late 1990s. The warming theory is based on computer models, not real data. In order for global warming to be real the temperatures of today would have to be the highest ever. Clearly the fossil record proves it has been much hotter in the past than now. Besides Al Gore is a moron. Dean Robinson BS,MA,DDS

Posted by Dean Robinson | Report as abusive

Earth hour? Sounds kind of Orwellian.

What good is an hour anyway? It’s the habits you practice on a daily weekly monthly basis that determine whether you live in a clean place.

Posted by Jack Daniels | Report as abusive

Playing with fire. Today it’s all turning off our light switches hour. Tomorrow it’s “Vacuum your house hour” and “Exercise hour.”

If you want to clean up the environment you could give up your automobile. You could go outside and walk down the street picking up trash. Or better yet you could vote for better representative Government than what we’ve had and what we still have. No one wants to these things, but turning your light switch off for an hour, yeah we can do that.


Posted by Sebastian | Report as abusive

When Al Gore proclaimed in 1992 that human caused global warming was settled science, he neglected to provide proof of that. Since 1990, $50 billion in climate research grants has been spent and not one scientist has published a paper proving this theory. This theory seems to be belief based and while that includes thousands of scientists, there are thousands of other scientists who have examined the data and have not reached that conclusion. It seems likely that whatever has caused the earth to warm and cool for many thousands of years will likely continue to cause the earth to warm and cool.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

I am greatly amused and possibly depressed by the comment posted by Dean Robinson. I’m amused because for some reason he thinks that a DDS gives him the needed clout to call global warming a hoax (btw DDS is a Doctoral in Dental Surgery…not exactly a related field). But I’m depressed that, if it isn’t some middle school kid who thinks that sticking his fake degrees at the end of a comment is cool, an educated person can even say such a thing. If he wants to find a paper that discusses global warming all he has to do is check Google Scholar…it takes all of 2 seconds to find “proof”

Posted by Jason C | Report as abusive

I can’t believe half the people commenting on here believe they know better than the 1000 climate experts backed up by data that spans 100,000 years who say anthropogenic global warming is real and will have catastrophic consequences. Instead, they listen to the handful of “scientists” like Fred Singer who were the very same people that said tobacco doesn’t cause cancer and who hasn’t published a single paper in a peer reviewed scientific journal on the climate — ever.

To those people I ask: is cancer caused by tobacco another alarmist, liberal hoax, or are Fred Singer and others like him just opportunist?

Posted by Sad Scientist | Report as abusive

Of course no scientist has proved the “theory” of global warming: science doesn’t work that way.

A scientist poses a theory, and then creates experiments that can test if it is true. Often he or she will try to look for evidence that contradicts the theory, because this is the quickest way to check its correctness.

This is why the “theory” of evolution is still a theory despite all of the evidence gathered to support it; scientists always leave the option open that at some point evidence might arrive to contradict all their data. Creationists may or may not be correct in their beliefs, but since there is no concrete experiment that can test the veracity of a divine creation, it cannot be a “theory.”

So it is unremarkable that no one has “proved” the theories regarding climate change – what is significant is that after twenty years of tests no one has been able to disprove it.

Posted by D | Report as abusive

Biggest show of climate concern? Nope, biggest show of uninformed who believe humans are capable of causing global warming. Nature is taking care of itself and actually been cooling since the beginning of the century. Global warming caused by man is a huge hoax.

As for a ‘clean environment’ that is an entirely separate issue. I’m all for clean air and water and I pick up waste I see on walks. If enabling laws to clean the air are necessary then call it ‘clean air laws’ not ‘global warming.’ Two distinct issues.

Posted by larry Rova | Report as abusive

Who cares if the science is still unproven – will one hour kill you to turn off the lights and any other non-essential electrical stuff. Just think you may find a new way to save money on your electric bill by unpluging all those unused appliances. Who needs all those stupid clocks flashing 12:00 all the time anyway! Plus just maybe you might help the planet too!! What a concept!

Posted by Klinger Crazy | Report as abusive

Judging from the number of responses to this article and others, the Heritage Foundation must have a lot of excess money in its coffers this year to pay their people to make posts on the internet to support their talking points. These are the same shills that rotate through all of the progressive radio talk shows trying to keep the hosts tied up as they regurgitate all of their worn-out, disproven information. I have to admit that it is a fairly clever tactic to pay people to manufacture outrage.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

Why an hour? Because it represents a first step in reducing our addiction to electricity. People who are addicted do not make rational choices, even if it is in the nation’s best interest. Electricity is a major contributor to global warming, so we need to learn to reduce our energy consumption. An hour without electricity will hopefully help people reduce electrical usage, just like people need to conserve gas and water.

Posted by TM Akashi | Report as abusive


It’s a symbol. Nothing more, nothing less.

Posted by Why | Report as abusive

8:30 PM March 28th. No electricity for one hour. Cool!

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Glad I read this, hope they announce it pretty heavily or folks might be thinking there’s an attack or natural disaster underway when 7/8ths of the lights go out (the 11th way to spend earth hour, in your basement, freaking out)

Buckminster Fuller called this rock “Spaceship Earth” and I guess that’s about right – I think energy wise, people won’t be coerced into change, only given accurate info, and if they’re hurtin enough, they’ll change something – I’d say that pressure point is the utility bill.

In todays economy, we need more light, not more darkness.

I’d reverse it, offer at-cost pricing on fluorescents and see if fluorescent (or other alternative lighting) sales go up – that’s a more valuable metric than awareness anyhow, actually would contribute to the economy and might make a difference. A measurable one, that is.

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The planet will be fine. It’s humanity that will suffer the effects of our greed and use of fossil fuels. If we are not careful it will be lights out for billions….forever.

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A small step for man is a giant leap to mankind.This is proved true today.lets make this a habit, like, once a month to start with.

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It is the hour of global testing how many customers will be ready for the forthcoming CARBON TAX that the NWO globalists are preparing.CO2 levels are not raising the earth’s temperature, actually it raises food production. It is one of the many steps to dismantle the USA dominance and replace it by their own .USA is only serving them as a transitional vehicle towards this end. Sit back, relax and enjoy the movie as it unfolds. Starring WWF as the World Wide Fund collector for the NWO carbon tax and cap trade schemes already in motion…

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