Google co-founder may build eco-mansion

March 20, 2009

Google co-founder Larry Page is building green, according to a local report.

He’s planning a cozy 6,000 square foot eco-mansion on a 0.75 acre lot in Palo Alto, the Palo Alto Weekly’s Web site says. The interim city planning chief told us that’s the biggest house one could build on such a lot, although the total space allowed is nearly 11,000 including garages and other outbuildings.

The paper says Page is kitting the house out with solar panels and paving that lets the rain run through to get it “green points“. Check out Palo Alto Online, whose Web site has strong reaction from foes and fans of Larry’s plan.

(Picture of Sergey Brin and Larry Page by Reuters)

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Do you know the difference between a developer and a tree hugger? A developer wants to build a cabin in the woods, the tree hugger already has his.
My point is cut the guy some slack, he’s rich and we’re jealous, no need for the Spanish Inquisition? Besides there are real problems in this dark old world that require our immediate attention. Like, oh i don’t know, Anything?

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