Al Gore’s new book: will you read it?

March 25, 2009

 When I attended a talk by Al Gore about global warming in Oslo in March 2007, I noticed that one of the people clapping loudest — about two rows in front of me — was the head of the committee that awards the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ole Danbolt Mjoes also joined in a minute-long standing ovation for the former U.S. vice president. “A very important message,” was all Mjoes would tell me of Gore’s speech afterwards when I went up and asked him if Gore had a chance of winning.

Gore of course went on to share the prize in December with the U.N. Climate Panel. The photo above shows Mjoes (left), handing the award to Gore in Oslo City Hall.

Gore said on Tuesday he will write a new book, “Our Choice”, for release on November 3 to follow up from his bestselling “An Inconvenient Truth”. For a story, click here.

“It is time for a comprehensive global plan that actually solves the climate crisis. ‘Our Choice’ will answer that call,” Gore said.

Will it sell?

The timing is good because it will be issued a month before a U.N. conference in Copenhagen is meant to come up with a new global treaty to combat climate change.

But in 2007, Gore’s climate crusade stood out partly because former President George W. Bush was so out of step with his industrial allies by refusing caps on greenhouse gas emissions. (The Clinton administration, in which Gore was vice president, signed up for the carbon-capping 1997 Kyoto Protocol but never submitted it to the Senate for ratification). 

Now President Barack Obama favours cuts in emissions and every government in the world is coming up with plans. So will a new book by Gore about solutions to global warming stand out enough to have a big impact?

Mjoes will probably be among the readers of “Our Choice”.

Are you likely to read it?


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2009 will be a very decisive year for the fate of Earth as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, known as UNFCCC will be held in Copenhagen, DK at the year end to find at last a positive platform leading to a Universal Protocol in order to reduce aggregate CO2 emission in 40% before the year 2020. I truely think that Mr. Al Gore did dare to stand against the issue of Global Warming in a place where the policy makers did not even want to hear the prefix Eco. Indeed, his green vision should reflect in his book as many eco thinkers are keen to read it including myself ..

Posted by Gamini Gunasekera – Mendis | Report as abusive

No. I’d much rather buy a second hand copy of a nineteenth century self sufficiency book than fund a cretinous lecher like Al “I invented the internet” Gore.

Posted by Steven Locke | Report as abusive

To also realize that Al Gore is 1/2 ownership of Current TV is a slap in the face of truth. He used video from disaster movies in his film and he will lie and deceive to get his agenda published.

If he cares SO much, why does he fly in a huge plane and burn electricity at his house like a forest fire?

Hypocritical at best…shameful at worst…

Posted by Frank J Witt | Report as abusive

No no no no no

Posted by alice kopp | Report as abusive

Absolutely NOT!

Posted by kenh | Report as abusive

[…] Environment » Blog Archive » Al Gore’s new book: will you read it … […]

Posted by Have u stopped going to celebrity blog sites because? | Celebrity Gossip | Report as abusive

Just another move to get face in front of a camera. It smacks of “celebrity addiction”. He’ll make a truck load of money though. And just think we had a choice of him or Bush.(Gack!) What a horrible election year that was.

Posted by Anothony Borrell | Report as abusive

If you want something freshly new, Lord Nicholas Stern and Ottmar Edenhofer are about to launch a new report entitled “Towards a Global Green Recovery – Recommendations for Immediate G20 Action”, which will be definitely as good as Al Gore’s book

Posted by Estelle Rouhaud | Report as abusive

Heck no.

Posted by jason | Report as abusive

Absolutely!! He was right on with his first book as shown by history, and he’ll do it again!

Posted by JohnL1 | Report as abusive


Posted by ben | Report as abusive


Posted by Trey | Report as abusive

Yes yes yes. It will be an important book. Good timing yes.

Posted by Danny Bloom | Report as abusive

No, but will be another lost battle he can blame on the right.

Posted by Marge | Report as abusive