Another reason for angry teenagers – in the shower

June 25, 2009

Other than pounding on the bathroom door, there is little one can do to get family members (read teenagers) to take shorter showers. But with mandatory water conservation possibly coming down the pipeline in California’s third year of drought,  one Denver-based company said it has the invention that will help households get through these dry times: the Shower Manager.

The Shower Manager can be programmed to run for five, eight or 11 minutes at full flow. After a warning beep it cuts the flow by two-thirds, just enough to rinse. Five minutes have to pass before it can be reset — an eternity in a shower.

One satisfied customer, Lisa J, was quoted by the company as saying her kids “call it the Shower Nazi.” The Web site claims a family of four (including two teens) can save $400 annually in water and heating costs – compared to the product’s online price of $125.

There is a cheaper alternative to promoting — though not enforcing — shorter showers. For $15.50, you can get a shower timer in the shape of a duck, a turtle or a star. One person on flickr showed their duck timing a 3 minute shower, prompting the comment (from a teen?): “Woah! I would have a hard time with three-minute showers.”

Photo credit: Reuters/Mark Blinch (A woman takes a shower in a Toronto gym.)


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I got a Shower Manager. What a difference! The kids are now out of the shower in 11 minutes, used to take them 30-40 minutes before they got out.

Sanity has been returned to our household!

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Must get one of these too, saves a lot of arguments about staying in the shower too long. Smart invention, I more and more love the green wave.

Posted by Daisy | Report as abusive

Informative post with informative product. Every one need to think to conserve water as they can. I think the product is helpful to control the excess usage of the water.

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