Have Defenders of Wildlife lost key fund raiser: Gov. Palin?

July 6, 2009

Sarah Palin’s looming departure from the governor’s office in Alaska may deprive at least one animal welfare group of a key source of green.

The moose-hunting and ultra-conservative hockey mom shot to national prominence last year as John McCain’s vice presidential running mate on the losing Republican ticket. Palin, who in a surprise move said on Friday that she would step down this month as Alaskan governor, remains a political lighting rod who is loved and loathed in equal measure.

 This polarizing profile has made her a major fund raising force for the Republican Party. It has also made her a focal point for groups staunchly opposed to her politics and policies.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has been using Palin’s support of the aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska as a peg to bring attention to the issue — and also it seems to drum up some donations amid the recessionary crunch.

The home page on its web site says: “Help Stop Palin’s Wolf Slaughter: DONATE NOW”.

The seven press releases it has issued so far this year on its online newsroom have one main topic: Palin and wolf hunting.

Palin Administration Calls in the Helicopters for Sweeping Wolf Massacre,” says one.  Another talks about “Palin’s extreme Anti-Conservation Agenda.” The group has also distributed a graphic video narrated by Hollywood star Ashley Judd which takes aim at Palin and the aerial hunting of wolves.

Jessica Brand, a spokesperson with Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, said :”It’s not really a personality thing … It’s an issue we will work on after she is governor and it is an issue we worked on before she was governor.”

Still, one has to wonder if they can really gin up this issue without Palin as a polar bear-sized target. Their “Eye on Palin” campaign has been a key part of their wider campaign against wolf hunting. That will be difficult to sustain with her no longer in a position to make or execute policy in Alaska.

Palin has also inadvertently helped to ignite other bases on the other side of the fence.  In September last year, Obama’s campaign said that after her fiery speech to the Republican National Convention, $8 million had poured into it from more than 130,000 donors within a matter of hours.

(Photo: A video frame grab shows former U.S. Republican Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announcing that she will resign this month and will not run for re-election as governor in Wasilla, Alaska, July 3, 2009. REUTERS/KTUU-TV (UNITED STATES POLITICS ELECTIONS)


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I don’t believe this will affect Defenders of Wildlife’s campaign. First it was Murkowski and then Palin with the wolf issue. The one good thing that hopefully will come out of this is the aerial killings will stop. I don’t believe this in anyway will effect Defenders in supporting animal rights. Palin showed us all how cruel she can be especially when she ordered the gassing of wolf pups and her famous fish and game who shot 14 pups in the head in their dens. Then proceed to kill 14 adult wolves that belonged to these litters.
If it wasn’t for groups like Defenders and people caring enough to donate all our wildlife would be in peril. We have seen the inhuman slaughter and we don’t want it to continue in other states such as Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. This was a good lesson for everyone who didn’t know this side of Palin. Ashley Judd got it out there and people started to wake up to the cruelty and seen things they had no idea that was going on. If anything this horrible compromise of life between human and animal has been put on the table. I don’t think most like the way she handled her state let alone her wildlife. Defenders came out better for this and have opened a lot of eyes. Way to go Defenders keep up the great work.

Posted by Cynthia Minde | Report as abusive

I didn’t know that, I was under the impression that wolves were a protected species just like in Europe. Sounds like Palin tried hard to wipe them out completely, for what reason?

Posted by Daisy | Report as abusive

Why is it so hard to understand that controlling predators allows for abundance of other species that can also be harvested for humans too? Wolf worshippers only care about wolves and care nothing about the animals they destroy.

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

Wolves should be left alone just like any other animal. The only way that they harm people is when we get into there domain. But wolves avoid humans like the plague,they choose to be unnoticed. Who is man or woman to say who shall live or who should die. We are not God we don’t judge. Yes we are the top dog on the food chain but that is because of our brains but that does not give us the right to kill a animal that has been on this earth longer then human have. I wish there was a hunter of humans who decided if we lived or not. People who hunt wolves by 4 wheelers or by helicopters don’t deserve to live. Wolves are needed by the eco system to keep certain populations down. There is no proof that a wolf or a wolf pack has ever killed a person in the united states let alone the world. Everything about how bad the wolf is is based on properganda kids tales. Wolves are hunted because they are to blame for killing live stock or because of mans itch to kill something with a gu and. to feel powerful. Well wolves may kill live stock but that is because the cattle rancher is to greedy and has to many cattle to look over but no matter if one of there live stock is killed the government gives the owner more money then the animal is worth and that is the truth look it up. We don’t eat wolves neither did the Indians. The native americans worshiped the wolf. If they killed a wolf they used it for clothing but they did not kill it for game or for greedy livestock owners. Coyotes kill more than 80% of live stock not the wolves. Also count in wild dogs, mountain lions, bears, and you have almost 100% and wolves hunt these animals its part of natures eco system. How would you like it if you and your family were sitting in your house relaxing with your family and an unnoticed killer came into your world and killed you and your family for no damn reason but on speculation.

Posted by Wolfinstein | Report as abusive

I don’t understand how anyone can believe nature does not take care of the checks and balances in population control better than humans. You want to eat meat, Jay, raise a bovine.

Posted by Deni | Report as abusive

@ Jay
Yes there are too many wolfs out there packing 30-30’s hunting.

Really let the wolf do there thing, if there is not enough food they will died off naturally until the numbers stablizes that all the animal can live with, it may take 10-15 years. Nature has it ways of dealing with when animals numubers get out of hand…

Posted by Me | Report as abusive

Jay: Do you live in Alaska? I have lived there for over 20 years and you know zip! Please do not speak about that which you know nothing about. With Palin, it is all about her abject narcissism and because she can! There has been two public referendums to end the wolf slaughter in Alaska. She doesn’t care, she did what she wanted. I am so glad she is gone, gone, gone.

Posted by Judith | Report as abusive

It is not hard to understand the use of controlling predators if you want to understand. Some people do not want to understand and have no intellectual honesty. They have a certain mindset about Sarah Palin and everything she does has to be vilified.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Why is it so hard for people to understand that killing off entire species of animals does NOTHING to help the human species? We should not be mucking around with the food chain. As the species that supposedly has the ability to reason, we should think about ways to survive without “harvesting” other animals – as our greed and lack of intelligence always seem to lead to over-harvesting and deliberately cruel practices.
And please do not pretend that this has ANYTHING to do with the “wolf population.” Palin simply thinks that walking around with a rifle in her hands and “shootin’ at things”, somehow makes her more “cool.” It’s infantile and backward – as she is with MOST issues…

Posted by sun | Report as abusive

And the department of law.

The christian philosophy has been reign on earth. It is the “god” given right.

How about stewardship? How many generations are we supposed to care for? Oh that’s right, it’s Sarah and her money grubbing clan.

Posted by God Gave us energy | Report as abusive

Defenders of Wildlife was founded in 1947. I seriously doubt Mrs. Palin’s aborting her job as AK governor will significantly affect this organization.

What’s of next concern is her replacement — making sure they value environmental science and respectful, sane stewardship.

Posted by Anne | Report as abusive

I think this article is a bit irresponsible. Palin is not the only enemy of wildlife, yes she is a big thorn and supporter of killing anything in general but you do not have a handle on this situation if you think ppl who give money to support the well being of the animals are that control by Palin. As long as we have the kind of thinking that posters like Jay and Chris represent, ppl will give money to ensure this kind of thinking never sees the light of day……also removing Palin relieves a huge financial burden of continuous lawsuits to stop her…..

Posted by john649 | Report as abusive

i don’t believe on you b/c your that person which earning the money nothing else. if you really want do something so improve your work with your good member.

Posted by riaz ahmed | Report as abusive

Sarah is a powerful spokesperson for animal rights and green living. Everyone listens to her. She is articulate, thoughtful, adorable.

Posted by Yukon Eric | Report as abusive

Nope – both Defenders and wolf control have been around a lot longer than Palin has. The challenges we faced before Palin will be with us after she is gone.

You can’t legislate ethics – the greedy commercial hunting industry rely’s heavily on that!

Posted by Butch | Report as abusive

I wouldk relish it if Palin would just get off her band box………..she just gives the entire world of women a “bad name” with her ‘winks”, “thumbs up” and inane remarks. It may bode well for her younger daughter if she ‘stays home” and makes sure there no more teen pregant girls in her home.

Posted by Nancy VanTwistern | Report as abusive

The wolves that Palin has had the intellect to control, will kill until the prey is gone and then die or kill each other to survive and then the prey will return until the wolves kill it off again and the cycle continues up and down like a yo yo. If you manage for a constant you have more in the long run- basic math. Common sense escapes those that worship wolves.

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

By the way Judith I live where wolves were forced back onto us and I see the effects of wolves run amok. All other predators are hunted why not wolves? Because Defenders of wolves make a lot of money sucking up to touchy feely wolf worshippers like you.

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

Its my own viewpoint that the loss of palin won’t affect the wildlife groups that greatly regardless of how much their PR was targeting her as a figurehead of the pro hunting lobby.

for which she was just an extreme example in truth animal populations control themselves through the most basic of means availability of food supply, its only when we alter that balance we get problems..

Posted by martynf | Report as abusive

I find it always intresting that the people who don’t live in Alaska or Idaho want to control what the citizens of that state does. Let me educate you on wolves. They are not cute cuddly things. They are blood thirsty killers with no feelings. They rip fetusus out of living cow elk and eat the hearts and then leaves the cow elk to die a miserable death. Now, it’s called states rights. I know that not everyone in Alaska wants to be a vegitarain. So, they kill to eat. What may I ask are they going to kill if the wolves wipe out the caribou, moose? Oh thats right just run down to the groccery store and buy a chicken or some vegies. Some people are so far removed from where your food comes from. You think that chicken just plopped down on your dinner plate? Mind your own business in your state.

Posted by B. Beck | Report as abusive

[…] that we’re interested in is how Palin’s resignation will affect the environment. An article on Reuters suggests that it may impact the environment negatively… wait, what?! Palin is an unabashed […]

Posted by Palin, the Environment and Carteret People | Your Daily Thread – YDT | Report as abusive