Comments on: A green Nobel Peace Prize next week? Or one too many? Global environmental challenges Wed, 16 Nov 2016 08:14:55 +0000 hourly 1 By: Anon Fri, 09 Oct 2009 09:05:49 +0000 “Wow. Anon, I am not sure how old you are, but you certainly haven’t done much reading. Do your part please and inform yourself before assuming that “fairness” role.”

If you are going to make aspersions on a person’s age, education, or knowledge that says volumes about your quality as a person.

By the way, is there a reliable climate model for future climate change yet? Or a conclusive finding on exactly what the climate will be in a decade and to what point climate change will effect it? Or a concrete finding as to whether climate change will cause our extinction as a species?

Or is this something only stupid, uneducated people ask for? And all smart scientists know better then to waste time researching?

Don’t expect a response. And learn some civility.

By: Laz Tue, 06 Oct 2009 03:37:14 +0000 Good one(s) Julie! BTW, have you guys noticed the blog about Chicago not getting the Olympics has, to date, 28(!) comments? And the blog was posted the day after this one. Sad, very sad. (Just for the record, I like the Olympics. Then again, I kinda like to breath too =)

By: Julie Mon, 05 Oct 2009 13:42:34 +0000 Wow. Anon, I am not sure how old you are, but you certainly haven’t done much reading. Do your part please and inform yourself before assuming that “fairness” role. You can start by reading why the peace prize was awarded to those three candidates. The research is there.

By: Julie Mon, 05 Oct 2009 13:37:05 +0000 I agree with Brian. If you want to play the sport of cynicism, look for a frivolous tabloid.

By: Anon Mon, 05 Oct 2009 07:07:20 +0000 Brian. Global warming may have a variety of possible effects on the planet’s climate.

The experts agree that certain areas are likely to become inhospitable, and food is likely to increase in price.

But they do not agree by how much, or when, or even if these effects will happen. Let alone model the likely effects in any realistic manner.

It is unlikely these effects will endanger the survival of the planet, or for that matter the survival of humanity.

Rather it is a climate process, now impossible to stop or reverse in the short (50 year) term. And we are still uncertain as to what the effects will be.

Scientists need to sit down and actually discover new things about climate change and its effects. At the moment all they are doing is frightening people with correlations, because they don’t want to do the hard research.

Until they do that, any nobel prize for climate change would be rewarding bad behavior.

By: brian Mon, 05 Oct 2009 00:48:22 +0000 You guys speak of it as if it’s an issue of latest fashion…

For the first time in history we now have to worry about the survival of the planet, I think that qualifies the attention.

By: Peter H Fri, 02 Oct 2009 15:38:47 +0000 Perhaps your headline should have said “A Nobel Green Prize”?
It’s as good an idea as a “Nobel Equal Opportunities Prize” or a “Nobel Good Neighbour Prize”. The “green” industry is getting plenty of coverage without such a prize on top of it… so much coverage they are in danger of green-fatigue, especially if the temperatures drop!
Perhaps the Nobel committee is trying to raise their profile?

By: Anon Thu, 01 Oct 2009 01:18:18 +0000 The Noble Prize for Climate:

“Awarded to a professional academic, who assists in the development of further knowledge into the causes and effects of climate change”

Examples include:
– Proving a concrete causal link between human emissions and climate change, beyond the mere data correlation currently used.

-Actually determining the probable effects of future climate change, as opposed to the possible effects.

-Development of a model to accurately show the relationship between emissions and future climate change.

-A workable plan to assist in the reversal of climate change, or alternatively a means to prepare for a post global warming world.

I think it will be years, even decades, before such examples will be met by the scientific community. Few people seem to think these things are important.

So how about we just give it to whoever manages to get on the pulpit and scare the most people? That seems to be the limits of climate science at the moment.

By: Laz Thu, 01 Oct 2009 00:19:03 +0000 I don’t think the Nobel Peace Prize is the right forum for this at all, nor is it sufficient. They should create a completely independent, new Nobel Prize for the Environment. It should include research and science, activism, writing and other media, individuals or organizations, whatever the case may be. It’s a global fight, the prize should reflect that.
And it would be nice if the decisions for it were less (well, not at all) politicized, as is the case for the peace prize, unfortunately.