Five minutes of Al Gore

November 25, 2009

He started late, made them laugh for the first 5 minutes then gently kicked out the media.

“I’m Al Gore and I used to be the next president of America,” he said. Everyone laughed.

“Now I’m a recovering politician”.

On a speaking tour that touched down for a $500-a-plate dinner in Toronto Tuesday evening, the former U.S. vice president and co-winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with the IPCC  told a near-full banquet room of 1,300 members from the “mostly telecoms” business community about his perspective on the green, clean economy.

Problem was not much of it got out during his opening remarks, other than lots of praise for event sponsor Allstream and that Gore is a big fan of companies that challenge the old way of thinking in times of uncertainty.

“Now I know that we are meeting at a time when many business leaders in particular are focused on what the physical changes on our planet and in our ecosphere mean for the former plan for business and the changes that are under way are completely unprecedented, incredibly significant. And I personally am very impressed with the leadership that many (Canadian) businesses have been providing.”

He also took a few jabs at award-winning scientist, author and journalist David Suzuki, who shared a table with Gore at the event and whose foundation I was told would be receiving a donation of $100,000 from the night’s ticket sales.

“I have to admit it’s always so, I don’t know what the word is, not upsetting but (Suzuki) looks so much younger than me. Many people are just amazed for someone who is almost 100 years old, it’s absolutely astonishing.”

Suzuki is 73.

In his new book Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, published earlier this month, Gore calls for a collective will to solve climate issues because the tools are already available.

Come to think of it, it makes perfect sense that Gore is calling for collective will to solve the climate quagmire — his resume is chock-full of shared titles that echo the sentiment of collective brainpower. He was co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, co-founder and chair of Generation Investment Management, (a firm devoted to sustainable investing), a member of the board of directors of Apple Inc., and co-founder and chair of Current TV, a television network for young people based on viewer-created content. (Incidentally, Citizen TV just last week announced it is cutting 80 jobs, but even that doesn’t make him someone who tends to “go it alone”.)

In the script of his speech which he was to deliver after the dozen or so journalists were escorted out of the ballroom, Gore argues “Physical changes in our planet will influence global business and require new corporate strategies that take into account the broader environmental, social and political issues involved in shaping the clean economy of the future.”

What do you think of Al Gore’s message that businesses need to adapt to a changing environment?

(Picture: Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore makes a point during a roundtable discussion at the National Clean Energy Summit 2.0 in Las Vegas, Nevada August 10, 2009. REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus)


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Hunh…what? The big news in not Gore’s Message, but the hacked emails that make his awards a potential farce and more importantly a scientific fraud. As of now, very few MSM sources are going into the details. It involves work to find the references. All the Big Media outlets that use the alphabet as their call letters have treated this news story with silence. It boggles the mind really. Ask Gore if doctoring scientific records, deleting documents, ignoring freedom of information is important in letting the science speak? Oh, I forgot, Al Gore don’t take questions. And the Media was silently shuffled out of the room after some pleasant jokes and a Chicken dinner.

Posted by bob | Report as abusive

It seems someone has their facts wrong, and it isn’t Al Gore. Listening to opinion radio are you? There is no farce, potential or not, do the research, read them yourself, then look for similar language elsewhere. You’ll be surprise what you learn when you research instead of take political opinions as gospel. You’re comment is the joke, and we’re all laughing at you.

Posted by SR Grossman | Report as abusive pPeople should bereading these and not listening to Al Gore’s jaded leftist agenda. The AP needs to send the same 11 fact checkers to proof Al’s book and the emails uncovered form Hadley CRU. Then we might actually have a real debate on the actual existence of AGW.

Posted by Curt | Report as abusive

SR Grossman, Gore has been proven to have facts wrong in the past. (9 prominent ones in his film as decided by a British court). There is a pattern that emerges as one pays attention: The left uses certain issues to get control. Don’t aid them in their take-over of freedom, ok?

Posted by anair | Report as abusive

The “unfortunate truth” is SO incredibly devastating both Politically and Economically to the most powerful people and companies in the world that they will grasp for any possible evidence or spin, ethical or otherwise, to delay or control the impact to their own self interests.The fact that they have done as well as they have should tell you just how powerful these influences are. The scientific community has simply been the victim of a smear campaign for about the last decade.Look around and you will find they are already starting to work the expected sacrifice of low lying coastal lands into local zoning plans.know that the vast majority of the most powerful people in the world are by their own driven nature the most greedy and self consumed.

Posted by Commentor | Report as abusive

Al Gore’s house, that’s right the energy vampire, with his $4000 a month power bill is a true testament to his sincerity to to his cause. I can’t think of ever, anyone traveling around the world telling untruths and making a houdred million dollars doing it.

Posted by Glenn | Report as abusive

Al Gore should stop the carbon credit facade, return the Nobel prize, the money, the Oscar, and find a rather large rock to crawl under. I hope the Large Hadron Collider scientist are more honest than the climate scientists, otherwise the world may end a lot sooner than the green people expect.

Posted by Robert Larson | Report as abusive

SR Grossman, it is clear you havent done ANY research whatsoever! The empirical evidence strongly suggests that global warming is closely related to solar activity and that increasing atmospheric CO2 follows a rise in global temperature — no the other way around. If you get your information from socialists, expect to be misinformed.

Posted by Don Widders | Report as abusive

Well, the dude has some pretty expensive utilities, in excess of several thousand dollars a month. So in order to pay for all of that, he needs to convince people who pay lots of money, he really is a eco-friendly person, and that he really does know what he is talking about.Here is a website explaining his monthly utility bills. gorehome.asp

Posted by me | Report as abusive

excuse me curt, but on the link you’ve given some of the first words are:”If real, these emails contain some quite surprising and even disappointing insights into what has been happening within the climate change scientific establishment.”that along with the heading of “opinion times” doesn’t really state much.. please don’t hold everything you read on the internet as complete fact, as stated previously, CHECK FACTS and dont hold the opinion of one source as gospel

Posted by clay | Report as abusive

“Nope, nothing to see here folks, just move along please”. The mainstream media has hitched their wagons to a failed theory and are now in panic mode trying to patch together an explanation for the fraud and malfeasance of Mann, Briffa, Jones, et al. and their phony Warmist propaganda. The temperature records are corrupted; the farce has been exposed.There is still time for all Canadians to contact their MP, Minister Prentice, and Prime Minister Harper and tell them loud and clear that we demand they agree toNOTHING at Copenhagen. [Or better yet, to save the airfare and just refuse to attend this farce.]MFMc

Posted by Mike McEwen | Report as abusive

You the environmentalists, you the activists, you the campaigners.You who have watched with growing concern the ways in which the world around us has been ravaged in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.You who are concerned with the state of the planet that we are leaving for our children and our grandchildren and those generations yet unborn.This is not a message of divisiveness, but cooperation.This is a message of hope and empowerment, but it requires us to look at a hard and uncomfortable truth:Your movement has been usurped by the very same financial interests you thought you were fighting against.You have suspected as much for years.You watched at first with hope and excitement as your movement, your cause, your message began to spread, as it was taken up by the media and given attention, as conferences were organized and as the ideas you had struggled so long and hard to be heard were talked about nationally. Then internationally.You watched with growing unease as the message was simplified. First it became a slogan. Then it became a brand. Soon it was nothing more than a label and it became attached to products. The ideas you had once fought for were now being sold back to you. For profit.You watched with growing unease as the message became parroted, not argued, worn like a fashion rather than something that came from the conviction of understanding.You disagreed when the slogans–and then the science–were dumbed down. When carbon dioxide became the focus and CO2 was taken up as a political cause. Soon it was the only cause.You knew that Al Gore was not a scientist, that his evidence was factually incorrect, that the movement was being taken over by a cause that was not your own, one that relied on beliefs you did not share to propose a solution you did not want. It began to reach a breaking point when you saw that the solutions being proposed were not solutions at all, when they began to propose new taxes and new markets that would only serve to line their own pockets.You knew something was wrong when you saw them argue for a cap-and-trade scheme proposed by Ken Lay, when you saw Goldman Sachs position itself to ride the carbon trading bubble, when the whole thrust of the movement became ways to make money or spend money or raise money from this panic.Your movement had been hijacked.The realization came the first time you read The Club of Rome’s 1991 book, The First Global Revolution, which says:“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”And when you looked at the Club of Rome’s elite member roster. And when you learnt about eugenics and the Rockefeller ties to the Kaiser Willhelm Institute and the practice of crypto-eugenics and the rise of overpopulation fearmongering and the call by elitist after elitist after elitist to cull the world population.Still, you wanted to believe that there was some basis of truth, something real and valuable in the single-minded obsession of this hijacked environmental movement with manmade global warming.Now, in November 2009, the last traces of doubt have been removed.Last week, an insider leaked internal documents and emails from the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University and exposed the lies, manipulation and fraud behind the studies that supposedly show 0.6 degrees Celsius of warming over the last 130 years. And the hockey stick graph that supposedly shows unprecedented warming in our times. And the alarmist warning of impending climate disaster.We now know that these scientists wrote programming notes in the source code of their own climate models admitting that results were being manually adjusted.We now know that values were being adjusted to conform to scientists’ wishes, not reality.We now know that the peer review process itself was being perverted to exclude those scientists whose work criticized their findings.We now know that these scientists privately expressed doubts about the science that they publicly claimed to be settled.We now know, in short, that they were lying.It is unknown as yet what the fallout will be from all of this, but it is evident that the fallout will be substantial.With this crisis, however, comes an opportunity. An opportunity to recapture the movement that the financiers have stolen from the people.Together, we can demand a full and independent investigation into all of the researchers whose work was implicated in the CRU affair.We can demand a full re-evaluation of all those studies whose conclusions have been thrown into question by these revelations, and all of the public policy that has been based on those studies.We can establish new standards of transparency for scientists whose work is taxpayer funded and/or whose work effects public policy, so that everyone has full and equal access to the data used to calculate results and all of the source code used in all of the programs used to model that data.In other words, we can reaffirm that no cause is worth supporting that requires deception for its propagation.Even more importantly, we can take back the environmental movement.We can begin to concentrate on the serious questions that need to be asked about the genetic engineering technology whereby hybrid organisms and new, never-before-seen proteins that are being released into the biosphere in a giant, uncontrolled experiment that threatens the very genome of life on this planet.We can look into the environmental causes of the explosion in cancer and the staggering drops in fertility over the last 50 years, including the BPA in our plastics and the anti-androgens in the water.We can examine regulatory agencies that are controlled by the very corporations they are supposedly watching over.We can begin focusing on depleted uranium and the dumping of toxic waste into the rivers and all of the issues that we once knew were part of the mandate of the real environmental movement.Or we can, as some have, descend into petty partisan politics. We can decide that lies are OK if they support ‘our’ side. We can defend the reprehensible actions of the CRU researchers and rally around the green flag that has long since been captured by the enemy.It is a simple decision to make, but one that we must make quickly, before the argument can be spun away and environmentalism can go back to business as usual.We are at a crossroads of history. And make no mistake, history will be the final judge of our actions. So I leave you today with a simple question: Which side of history do you want to be on?

Posted by Q | Report as abusive

Al Gore’s paradigm needs to shift to facts instead of mere speculation. Climate hasn’t changed and the polar bears are doing fine! Unfortunately he has a lot of his mind invested with what he has done so far and he is determined to follow through. He is the modern day chicken little hollering, “The world is caving in!! The world is caving in!!” He is also like the American Indian snake oil salesman who was asked if his snake oil worked. Whereupon he showed them a fist full of twenty dollar bills and said, “It works for me!!” Gore’s ilk out in California, have banned farming by cutting off irrigation water serving one of the prominent market basket areas for fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, bringing unemployment to over 40,000 people. This is the kind of guy who will use environmental laws against common sense. Believe it or not a minnow fish is more important than a rich crop of vegetables, fruits and nuts to these kooks!!! That is group think in the democrat mode!!!

Posted by shearwater | Report as abusive

Angry face! Self is a hard master. Get over it Al. Lighten up!!

Posted by shearwater | Report as abusive

Al Gore is our very own Titus Oates.

Posted by john madden | Report as abusive

Our choice subjugated to a body that enslaves or to our constitution. Al Gore would say we need to be governed by a “world president” and/or the United Nations.Look up Lord Christopher Monckton, check out the “Instrument of Repudiation” and sign it for your own good and our continued freedom!! According to Lord Monckton, the global initiative on climate change to be held in Copenhagen on December 9, is a bold attempt to bring us under the domination of one world government. So Al Gore is on the wrong side of history. We defeated communism now we have to be vigilante to protect our freedom against junk science.As far as businesses adapting to a new economic environment whrein we all pay more taxes? Yes, that is the case under Gore’s propositions, “cap and trade” and the whole dirty party that subscribes to Keyenesian Economic theory in which the government is the balance wheel of the economy. A far as they are concerned, the bigger the government, the better. As and after thought, the bigger the screw up when we all is said and done.

Posted by shearwater | Report as abusive

This is rediculous.Why no questions about the cover of Al’s new book. 19/not-finding-any-gore-airbrushes-in-hu rricanes-for-his-new-book/The picture of the earth has 4 photoshoped in hurricanes. And the photo shop was done by a real nimrod, one of the the hurricanes is spinning the wrong way for a Northern Hemisphere cyclone. Another typhoon is spinning over the Galopagos Islands at the equator; cyclones cannot exist at the equator.Every author approves the book jacket art. Clearly, Big Al has no clue.

Posted by NucEngineer | Report as abusive

Bravo “Q”! Well said. The continued belief of the global warming community that whatever disproves their agenda must be a lie is their undoing.Look at how the movement has been hijacked and demand action to get back to what we all were striving for.I also find it incredible that when evidence shows the planet isn’t in such dire straits as first thought only brings dismay rather than joy and celebration. It’s better that it was thought to be doomed?

Posted by bobp | Report as abusive

polar bears are doing fine!Actually, their numbers are at an all time high.Global warming = another wall street globalist ponzi scheme.Wake up.

Posted by Michael Ives | Report as abusive

Imagine the level of co-ordination from 1,000s of the world’s scientists that would be needed to fabricate this climate ‘hoax’. Doesn’t sound likely, does it? It’s hard to imagine their motivation to twist objective reality toward an impending disaster. So let’s just get on with it. Reduce emissions, reduce our impact, improve education. Find common ground and move to save civilization. Together. Civilization, civilized, connections, together.

Posted by Sue B. | Report as abusive

Just keep your eyes on the prize. Gore and Obama will reap fortunes from the Carbon Exchange that Obama worked on in Chicago some ten years ago. This will be the biggest fraud ever.

Posted by JRPOPOW | Report as abusive

Al Gore is such a phony.He flies around the world in his private jet and lives in a mansion that devours 20 times more energy than the average US home, while at the same time telling his Global Warming fairy-tales. I am not saying that he should live in a tent and ride on a mule but 1st class commercial airline seat and smaller house wouldn’t be too much of a sacrifice.I was a supporter of cap and trade scheme, it seemed like good idea until I saw Al Gore with his dirty sweaty hands nervously circling around it. Then I realized something was afoot, something fishy. I still believe that we should reduce our emissions (regardless of Global Warming) just to have cleaner air to breathe and water to drink. BUT NOT WITH CAP AND TRADE. Make it simple Tax on emissions so we know where the money goes (I don’t want Goldman Sachs to turn it into another pocket draining scheme like they did with commodity futures).

Posted by PwlM | Report as abusive

The science is clear, the evidence is overwhelming. Only the protests of people who have decided without thinking to follow champions of misinformation argue against the need to address global warming.If US business does not become adopters of the mission to create safe products, produced responsibly, then the US will go the way of the US auto industry. They too were resistant to change. They too decided the way of the past was the way of the future.We used to lead, we used to be visionaries, we used to be the optimists of the world.Stand up America and let’s clean this dump up

Posted by M DeYoung | Report as abusive

Remarkable how common and ignorant the average American appears to be these days. He can’t spell, can’t write a coherent sentence, can’t understand many words in his own English language and has a very limited vocabulary & grammar, but he KNOWS ALL ABOUT GLOBAL WEATHER CHANGE! The media has done a fine job of propagandizing against doing anything, now we have a political party, calling itself Republican, that does exactly that…NOTHING. In fact it merely blocks and deflects legislation as often as it can, taking a delaying tactic as a WIN for the right! Working in an environment which watches the weather daily, and having done so for over 35 years, its easy to see that the sea level has risen dramatically, fish stock is down to record lows, skin cancer is now a worldwide problem and many of the predictions by science have come true. What will it take for Americans to address the reality that is so clear and evident? Global Climate Anomalies is not BS, it is real, but it seems that Americans will need to re-educate to grasp the dire needs at hand! Stupid minds do nothing when warned that their habits must change, similar to being told that cancer is inevitable if one smokes cigarettes. It took 50 years for Americans to believe even that!! While the rest of the world becomes more intelligent, America is dumbing down.

Posted by john smith | Report as abusive

@john smith1. What makes you think that everyone here is an American.I am not, I am US citizen but wasn’t born here and English isn’t my “own language”.2. It’s not that people here “KNOW ALL ABOUT GLOBAL WEATHER CHANGE”. It’s rather that they don’t trust Al Gore (can’t really talk for everyone but that’s my opinion), he is a hypocrite and probably the worst possible spokesman for the GW movement. Pretty much every sane person is for reduction of any kind of pollutions(and water conservation for that matter), not only green house gases. Cap and Trade scheme starts to look more and more like a money squeezing machine for Al’s buddies. I am personally afraid that’s gonna be turned by the Wall Street into another asset extracting tool therefore I am against it. It doesn’t mean that I am against pollution reduction etc. Taxing polluters is the simplest way to achieve that and unlike with C&T, money goes to the federal budget, which is an advantage in and of itself considering how dire public finances are. Just don’t tell me that my concerns are baseless, not after they drove price of oil and real estate through he roof, ripping off the rest of society in the process.

Posted by PwlM | Report as abusive

I’d rather not have another 5 minutes of Al Gore, even if he did invent the internet.

Posted by buddy | Report as abusive

I’d rather not have another 5 minutes of Al Gore even if he did invent the internet. It is hard to take him serious after that comment.

Posted by buddy | Report as abusive

Al Gore is finished. Now that we know man made global warming is just a scam to create the carbon credit trading market and tax for the world bank. Al Gore is sinking every day. Not only did Al Gore invent the internet, He also invented CO2 induced global warming.

Posted by jay | Report as abusive

The name Al Gore will one day be synonymous with the one of the greatest frauds ever perpetuated on a gullible, dumbed-down global audience. He is nothing more than a modern day charlatan. He in fact represents everything that is wrong with America today. The greatest threat facing millions of his fellow citizens stems not from some theoretical threat of global warming but from the collapse of a financial system that he and others have plundered and continue to plunder. It is a lifestyle based on avarice. It is self grandiosement at its worst.

Posted by Roger Hutton | Report as abusive

At the end of the game, Al Gore’s get-richer game won’t work because the Chines and Indians won’t play. All those who play increase the cost of everything they produce, since the game at its essence is a tax. Thus, everyone else’s cost of goods increases while those of India and China don’t. The production flows to India and China while the other economies suffer. After a while, the inhabitants of the other countries will realize that they have been scammed and take corrective action.

Posted by Burroughston Broch | Report as abusive

Live your lives citizens. None of this talk will do you any good. You do not have the power to save the planet. Earth will be wiped clean in due time regardless of your actions. You should be living your life more concerned about your eternal reward.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

Think about how difficult it is to predict weather just a few days into the future.So far no person or group have been able to predict the average temperature one year into the future with an accuracy better than a simple guess – in spite of all advanced computer models.How can we then believe in computer models that tries to predict the average temperature hundreds or thousands of years into the future?What we do know is that the global temperature has increased for the last 30000 years or so.We do know that some 20000 years ago Canada and Scandinavia was under a 2 mile thick layer of ice.BrunoN (PhD Geophysics)

Posted by BrunoN | Report as abusive

“Imagine the level of co-ordination from 1,000s of the world’s scientists that would be needed to fabricate this climate ‘hoax’. Doesn’t sound likely, does it?”Yah it sounds very likely because they all benefit from the out come. Its not fraud its misinterpretation of the results. Try getting a grant at a university to study how climate chance and presenting results that dont support the expected results.You would be tossed out because the system is making big money.

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

“What do you think of Al Gore’s message that businesses need to adapt to a changing environment?”Business has always had to adapt to a changing environment as have civilizations throughout history. If it isn’t climate change it is some other threat or opportunity. Uncertainty is a fact of life. Nor is this solely about the “War on Climate Change” (ooh has a nice ring). Capital markets, big business, small business all sorts of folks now have a vested interest in the climate catastrophe belief system. It has become a religion and as is always the case and as others have pointed out there is much money to be made or lost on what people believe. Faith is money and the bishops of East Anglia do not want a lot of questioning about it from the unfaithful lot who dare question their concensus. Or to press another analogy the money is on the table, the ball is in motion and the house does not want it to be known that the wheel is rigged.

Posted by Drake | Report as abusive

It’s difficult to get a person to understand something when their paycheck is dependent upon them not understanding it.We are doomed because 1) the average person is an idiot; 2) the average person takes action based on short term concerns and the quest for maximum pleasure/minimum pain; 3) therefore even if the average person COULD comprehend the mechanisms of climate change, he/she is DISincentivized from doing anything about climate change until it’s too late; and 4) because in our proud democracies, average people decide what we are all going to do.I recommend you enjoy life while you can…

Posted by C Ambarian | Report as abusive

Dear oh dear. More misinformation. There is no consensus in the scientific community as to whether climate change is man-made. Why on earth would you put a tax on carbon, when it is the building block of all life on earth?When Mt Pinatubo erupted in 1991, it released 1500 times more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than has the entire human race over the last 500 years. Al Gore claims that carbon dioxide causes temperature rise, which is completely false. Temperature rises first and is FOLLWED by a rise in carbon dioxide. I cannot believe some people have not even bothered to dig below the surface on this one. “John Smith” – yeah right.

Posted by Michael Nunn | Report as abusive

John Smith, your words are eloquent as they are damning. Many Americans have little respect for themselves. Needless to say they have little respect for each other. It is apparent most of the commentators of this article are more in tune with their dislike of Al Gore than grasping the nature of the threat that human fossil fuel consumption poses.

Posted by eddieblack | Report as abusive

Michael Nunn, fossil fuels are the remains of what was once living. Keeping it buried and not burning it keeps it out of the atmosphere. To burn a fuel you need oxygen. When burning coal, carbon and oxygen come together forming CO,CO2,.. and so on. The more carbon one burns the less oxygen that remains in the air until the CO2 molecules break down and release their oxygen in a hundred years or so.

It is clear you have not studied high school chemistry or physics. You would have learned in lab experiments that the introduction of carbon gas in an enclosed environment raises temperature and the introduction of oxygen lowers temperature. Is not the Earth’s atmosphere enclosed by the magnetosphere? Open a book and read before you embarrass yourself again.

Posted by eddieblack | Report as abusive