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The MegaFlora Tree is the trademarked name for a fast-growing tree created by Emerald Energy. It was designed to grow much faster than a normal tree. According to their website, it can harvested within 2 years and is designed to grow back after being harvested. They can be grown on marginal land and are claimed to produce exceptional biomass energy density per acre. Today, The megaflora is grown around the world.

****************************Emerald Energy (a Nevada Entity) has no such patent or trademark. ***************** The copyright to the name megaflora is owned by companies from Dallas area of Texas where the term was first used commercially with trees and in their company names. These Texas entities still exist legally today and own the copyrighted commercial use of the term megaflora as related to trees. An application was made by Emerald Energy (a Nevada Corporation or LLC) for a Trademark in the US patent office. The US Patent Office denied the application due to existing commercial use and other reasons. (See laws claiming Patent/trademark where none exists in US patent office website)

Emerald Energy (a Nevada Corporation or LLC) that is claiming this megaflora trademark is not related to the Emerald Energy Company in England. The Nevada Company “Emerald Energy” has seemingly attempted to “overlap” its existence by advertising and other means with the Emerald Energy name of the major stock corporation in England.

US Patent office can verify the non-existence of any such patent or trademark. US Patent office also has information on how to file against companies for claiming a non-existent Patent, Copyright and or Trademark.

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By: megafloratrees Sat, 12 Mar 2011 03:48:14 +0000 posted on from Chris McVay regarding Ray Allen & Emerald Energy

Chris McVay- Ray Allen Lived with my Mother until she lost her house after putting all of her resources time money and life into helping him develop this plant for the last 10 years. I moved my family to San Diego, so did my sister on the promise of a job working to develop this tree. Ray was always making promises of this backer is sending X amount of money on this day then the next day finally three months later we all left San Diego and moved back to our respective cities of origin to rebuild our lives. In the process my marriage fell apart my sisters marriage fell apart along with others whom I am not at liberty to name. He and my mother lived with my sister in Las Vegas, working on the business, always talking about millions if not billion dollar contracts. This man after 10 hard years of leeching off of our family, found a new love somewhere else(bigger pocketbook not yet depleted). The tragedy lies in the fact that he blindsided my mother. Made her 51 percent owner of his previous company and then left her holding the ball with nothing to show for 10 years of selfless dedication to this “tree”. Ray Allen is a con-man. He is a Liar and a thief. He got his degree online, and has claimed to have a doctorate. Phony. I don’t believe he developed this tree. He is a fraud and a liar. I was suppose to be working on this Fresno Project, but these were just words used to manipulate my mother into believing that he still had our interests in mind but he never returned my calls once about the job. He is using his unlimited backers to destroy my mother with litigation after having depleted everything from my family and now his tree is going to save the world? This tree requires tons of nutrients to grow that fast, it can decimate the land it grows on.

By: jjohorey Thu, 17 Dec 2009 15:29:22 +0000 In all our efforts to ensure a cleaner and greener earth,one obvious measure is to switch to renewable sources of energy.Equally important is to ensure that environmentally friendly technologies are cheaply available so that we can actually use them to reduce our carbon footprint.There must be collective responsibility if we are to save our planet. All our leaders at the Copenhagen summit are trying to work towards an agreement in their own different ways.We must do as much as we can every step of the way for a cleaner and greener earth for all.

By: MOUNIR Mon, 14 Dec 2009 18:15:34 +0000 The debate about if human activities are or not respnsible of climate change is not useful.The global warming is an evidence, wether is it deriving from GHG emission from burning fossil fuels or is it a natural cycle does not matter. It is a Pascalian bet.Human community has to do its duty to ensure sustainable development and preserve environment.If this could restore normal climate conditions,we win. If despite our efforts, the climate change is Act Of God,we would have done our utmost. As far as the possible is not done, the duty is not achieved.

By: Anon86 Sat, 12 Dec 2009 05:35:29 +0000 Cutting emissions will only slow climate change. It will not prevent the changes to occur in the next few decades, and will not reverse any changes that do occur.

The doomsday scenarios are pie in the sky. Climate scientists have yet to prove causation, let alone any model capable of predicting climate change. So any belief in an oncoming human extinction is simple speculation. We have no idea of if it is possible, or the conditions which may lead to it.

Not to mention the variables such as:
-The fact that any reduction in emissions capable of stopping climate change will destroy or stagnate our economy when inflation and population growth kick in.
-Green energy has no indication that it can overcome the increased generation costs which prevent it becoming anything more then a minor power contributor.
-Oil shortages and food prices are soon going to become more real and present issues for human society to deal with then something which may or may not happen.
-Several electric cars charging at the same time require a base load of a modest power station just to travel an even more modest distance.
-Even if we reach an agreement, and stick to it, it is unlikely the developed world will willingly cut their economic growth to the required levels.

I myself doubt that human extinction will result from global warming. But I do expect that living conditions and increased food prices will have a scaling effect, until population in third world nations reach a more realistic number.

Global warming will simply be an answer to the problem created in the last few decades by international aid and human prosperity: Population.

From here, we have three options:

Option one is to continue as we are going, and suffer the full effects of climate change. Not likely to be a pleasant future for anyone.

Option two is to try and stop global warming. Very difficult considering our situation. Some would say that thinking we can stop global warming is just as stupid as pretending it doesn’t exist. And it is likely that any action sufficient to stop global warming will lead to global economic collapse and all the exciting consequences that follow.

Option three is to change our society to be ready for a post climate change world. And this future is likely to involve nuclear power, recycling, strict border controls and lower international aid. But the sheer mountains of grief which we will see in the third world cannot be overstated.

So pick your poison. Denialists will go for 1, idealists will go for 2, and realists will go for 3.

By: eddieblack Fri, 11 Dec 2009 22:25:43 +0000 Concerned76210, the best we might be able to do is limit temperature rise. Less warming might be more survivable than more warming. And that would not be possible without greater reductions than currently planned.

One thing is certain. All mass extinctions are accompanied by increased CO2 levels and climate change. The large creatures are the first to go. Where do you think humans fit in that picture?

By: ghendric Fri, 11 Dec 2009 19:53:11 +0000 I’m ready to use green technology just like the next guy but it has to be affordable. Geo-thermal furnace’s cost between $15k-$20k to install. Your average Joe can’t afford something like that. What’s he going to do instead? Use whats available including burning wood in a wood stove.. That’s all most people have to keep warm with. Also, all this b.s. about cap and trade and the rich countries paying for it, the last time I checked, America was the poorest country on the planet with $13 trillion in debt and climbing. Who said we’re rich? The economy will collapse in America if cap and trade comes to town.. it’s hanging on by a thread now..

By: Concerned76210 Fri, 11 Dec 2009 19:36:08 +0000 Does anyone yet know if there is any achievable reduction in CO2 emissions that will have enough of an impact on warming to actually prevent any of the doomsday scenarios of “An Inconvenient Truth”? According to everything I have been able to find, the planned reductions in emissions “might” reduce the increase by a few tenths of a degree; which will not prevent anything. We may be spending trillions on NOTHING!

By: treeman498 Fri, 11 Dec 2009 17:37:49 +0000 The word from Ray Allen CEO, Emerald Energy
I have to smile every time I read articles concerning the loss of jobs if we try to go renewable energy, Question, where do they get this information. From where we stand here in California, a renewable energy project we are starting in the spring will create 140 new green energy jobs. It is not enough to worry about the emission reduction of the future. What are we doing about the greenhouse gasses already in the atmosphere? We are trying to look at one answer where many are already shovel ready to attack this problem. We at Emerald Energy are using a sustainable hybrid tree that takes in greenhouse gasses and returns oxygen that grows back when you cut it down. Wood chips have a much higher carbon percentage, creating higher BTU factors.
It grew 14 feet in 4 months. We have captured other companies attention and under the Emerald Umbrella we have energy production equipment that far exceeds anthing on the open market. No one can say that planting trees is a bad thing and still be a true environmentalist. Our projects are global, Our trees have gone through extensive testing in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Simple equation, 1 ton of wood chips equals 1 megawatt. 1 ton equals 100 gal. of liquid fuel. 100 tons of dry weight of biomass per acre every third year. Any Competition???

By: sing Fri, 11 Dec 2009 16:48:01 +0000 We are in this state of affairs because of what our ancestors did and achieved through the ‘ Wood & Coal Ages ‘ ~ Then came the Steam Ages where we dug deeper and wider to find our coal ! Finally we arrived at the Oil age 150 years ago ~ In the last 110 years we have just about clawed into every thing that we have in reserve with the help of Oil and Coal Power !

Getting over our ” Hangovers & Addiction ” overnight is not simple or possible either ! It is time we get over our addictions to ” Speed & Luxury ” first by refining our attitudes to the ways we burn Oil sparingly and efficiently till ” Human Ingenuity ” comes up with viable solutions and sources to earn our energy from ” Wind, Light and Gravity ” !

” Time Being ” cost effective proven solutions to nail the situation by improving thermal efficiencies out of existing Petrol & Diesel engines is the only solution left to us till such time new alternatives sprout up !

For more info on one such solution ~ Please do a google search for ~ Somender Singh ~ and read up ~ Design to improve turbulence in combustion chambers ~ 1000’s of enthusiasts across Continents are seeing the changes in ~ Fuel savings with better drivability in urban conditions ! Less CO2 is sure to earn us Carbon Credit till new technologies are affordable & available freely !

Lets do some thing before we run out of Fresh Air for our survival on Mother Earth !

Some call it the Dimming Sun !?

sing !!!