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Cancun talks ignore intrusive aspect of climate change

December 8, 2010
pine beetle

One pesky aspect of climate change is that rising temperatures  and stronger storms may increase  invasions of non-native species to places that have no natural defenses against them.

Survey finds electric car buyers motivated by environmental concerns, technology

December 8, 2010

RTXVC88.jpgWith the first mass-market electric cars hitting the streets this month in the United States, one question looms: Who will buy these cutting-edge vehicles?

California takes top spot in clean energy leadership rankings

December 7, 2010

IMG_1342.JPGAs the end of the year approaches, everyone seems to be making their lists. And, today, comes another one — U.S. states ranked for “clean energy leadership.”

Defense Department to test concentrating photovoltaic technology

December 7, 2010

Skyline Solar Array_CenterLine - cropped_1The United States Department of Defense has signed a deal with Silicon Valley startup Skyline Solar to test its concentrating photovoltaic technology at military bases in California and Texas.

Abu Dhabi to use Silicon Valley startup’s software to manage energy use

December 7, 2010

RTR1L8X7.jpgHara, a Silicon Valley startup that makes environmental and energy efficiency software, has signed a deal to provide its technology to the state-run Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority.

Report: A dramatic drop in coal-fired power by 2035 in the U.S.

December 6, 2010

USA-UTILITIES/SOUTHERNCoal’s share of the United States’ electricity market will drop dramatically over the next two decades as supplies of low-cost natural gas expand and new pollution controls come into effect, according to a new study by Black & Veatch, the engineering and consulting giant.

from Entrepreneurial:

Summit Series: Entrepreneurs set sail

December 4, 2010

Katharine Herrup is the Opinion Editor for Reuters.com. This is the second of a three-part series on Summit Series. Read the first part here.

California green lights controversial desalinization plant

December 3, 2010


The California Public Utilities Commission has approved a controversial desalinization plant for the Monterey Peninsula on the state’s central coast that will solve the region’s water woes but at a high price.

Google launches mapping tool to monitor global environmental change

December 2, 2010

Mexico map 2.jpgGoogle unveiled a powerful new mapping tool at the Cancun climate talks on Thursday that allows scientists to monitor changes in the Earth’s environment as climate change accelerates.

Fabio goes green in electric car vs gas ads

December 2, 2010

plug in america.jpg

Fabio has gone electric?

The long-maned Italian model appears in a new commercial promoting electric cars that spoofs Apple’s Mac v. PC ads of years past.