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Tiger among fluffy toys shows extreme smuggling tricks

August 27, 2010

tigerThe drugged tiger cub (left) hidden among cuddly toys in a bag at Bangkok airport  ranks as one of the most bizarre smuggling tricks.

Norway: recovering ‘petroholic’ or prudent saver?

August 26, 2010


My name is Norway and I’m a petroholic.

“I’ve tried it all: Vaseline, kerosene, gasoline, jet fuel and diesel. I’ve even tried natural gas,” says a leaflet from the most controversial stand at Norway’s biggest oil and gas exhibition.

Hemp car sparks a buzz

August 25, 2010

Undated promotional photo shows the Motive Kestrel electric vehicle. REUTERS/Handout

The blogosphere is abuzz about an electric car made of hemp developed by a team of Canadian companies who plan its debut at the EV trade show in Vancouver next month.

UN panel once exaggerated costs of climate fight — by 1,000 times

August 25, 2010

putinHighlighting errors you made almost a decade ago isn’t often a good way to raise your credibility — but it might help the U.N. panel of climate scientists after controversy over mistakes in its most recent 2007 report.

The Green Gauge: CF Industries told to clean up

August 24, 2010

Christopher Greenwald

— Christopher Greenwald is director of data content at ASSET4, a Thomson Reuters business that provides investment research on the environmental, social and governance performance of major global corporations. —

from The Great Debate UK:

Why Pakistan monsoons support evidence of global warming

August 20, 2010

-Lord Julian Hunt is visiting Professor at Delft University, and former Director-General of the UK Met Office. The opinions expressed are his own.-

from The Great Debate UK:

“Dutch dialogue” aids New Orleans restoration

August 20, 2010


-Han Meyer is Professor of Urban Design at Delft University of Technology.  He has been a principal organiser of the ‘Dutch Dialogues’ with New Orleans since 2005 and is Editor of ‘New Orleans-Netherlands:  Common Challenges in Urbanised Deltas’. The opinions expressed are his own.-

CCS makes it into Oxford Dictionary of English

August 19, 2010

ccsIt’s not been a great year for greens, politicians and companies looking for progress on the fight against climate change. First came the disappointment at the Copenhagen meeting in December, then Senator Lindsey Graham pulled out of the Senate bill, then the Senate climate bill mutated into an oil spill bill —  and even that couldn’t get passed before the congressional August recess.

Scottish scientists brew up whisky biofuel

August 18, 2010

Professor Martin Tangey, Director of Edinburgh Napier University Biofuel Research Centre, holds a glass of whisky during a media viewing in Edinburgh, Scotland August 17, 2010. The University, which has filed a patent for a new super butanol biofuel made from whiskey by-products, 'pot ale' - a liquid taken from the copper stills, and 'draff' which is the spent grain, claims the bio-fuel gives 30 percent more output power than ethanol. REUTERS/David Moir

Scientists in Scotland have unveiled a new biofuel made from whisky byproducts that they say can power ordinary cars more efficiently than ethanol.

Sierra Club rates green schools

August 17, 2010

USA-FORESTRY/BIOFUELThe Sierra Club has a new ranking of U.S. colleges and universities, and the greenest of them all is Vermont’s little Green Mountain College, which uses lots of cow-supplied biogas. The environmental group, which does an annual review, put more focus on energy sources this year, although it also gives points for water use, carpooling and more.