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from Tales from the Trail:

White House commission wades into “Deep Water”

January 11, 2011

OILSPILL-BP/COMMISSIONThe great thing about presidential commissions is that they can soberly consider complicated matters and then offer unvarnished reports on what to do. The tough part is when that information rockets around Washington, as occurred after a White House commission issued its final report on the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

from Reuters Investigates:

Solar energy vs wildlife

January 5, 2011

Sarah McBride reports on brewing battles between environmentalists in her special report: "With solar power, it's Green vs. Green."

Tessera sells Calico solar project to K Road Power

December 29, 2010

IMG_2575NTR’s Tessera Solar has sold its 663.5-megawatt Calico solar power project to K Road Power less than a week after utility Southern California Edison canceled a long-standing contract to buy electricity from the power plant that was to be built in the Mojave Desert.

Ford to install engine start-stop technology on gasoline-powered cars

December 29, 2010

USA/Traffic jams could start to get quieter in 2012 when Ford begins to install its Auto Start-Stop technology on gasoline-powered cars sold in North America.

Electric truck maker Smith acquires U.K. parent company

December 29, 2010

smith electric.jpgIn a sign of the potential strength of the nascent electric truck market in the United States, the American division of the U.K.’s Smith Electric Vehicles has acquired its parent company.

DOE gives $17.1 million energy storage grant, batteries included

December 29, 2010


Energy storage isn’t as sexy as solar projects that offer opportunities to cut ribbons on shiny futuristic technology. Nor does it attract the billions in federal loan guarantees and incentives awarded to wind farms and photovoltaic power plants.

China’s Trina Solar launches $800 million expansion, as SpectraWatt sputters

December 28, 2010

IMG_1324Days after solar cell maker SpectraWatt notified New York authorities that it will shut down its seven-month-old factory and lay off 117 employees, China’s Trina Solar announced Monday that it will invest $800 million in new manufacturing plants over the next three years.

Utility cancels contract for Tessera’s Calico solar project

December 28, 2010

IMG_2575NTR’s Tessera Solar has suffered a major setback with the loss of a 663.5-megawatt power purchase agreement with utility Southern California Edison for its Calico solar power plant project.

Intel-backed SpectraWatt to close New York solar factory

December 24, 2010

spectrawatt cellAs competition with low-cost Chinese photovoltaic module makers intensifies, SpectraWatt, a solar startup spun out of Intel, has notified New York officials that it will shut down its factory in March and lay off 117 workers, according to a filing with the state’s Department of Labor.

DOE report: U.S. will remain coal-dependent in 2035, carbon emissions rise

December 23, 2010

USA-CARBON/COALThe United States Energy Information Agency has released its preliminary forecast for the nation’s energy market in 2035 and it paints a picture of rising greenhouse gas emissions and an economy locked into a dependence on fossil fuels.