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Antarctic weather balloons give climate clues

January 25, 2009


 Meteorologist Tamsin Gray releases a weather balloon at the British Rothera research station on the Antarctic Peninsula to help record temperature and other data from the freezing air. Apart from helping predict the weather, the balloons are also giving scientists clues to global warming.

In Antarctic soccer: Britain 2, United States 0

January 24, 2009

 In a rare Antarctic soccer ‘international’, staff at a British base on the Antarctic Peninsula beat the crew of a visiting U.S. research vessel 2-0 on Saturday on a pitch with a view out over mountains and icebergs.

Cracking views of Antarctic icebergs

January 23, 2009

As a view out of your home it’s hard to match — a constantly changing vista of icebergs just outside the British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera research station.

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Antarctic soccer, barbecues and warming

January 22, 2009

For anyone who thinks (like I did) that Antarctica is a bone-chilling freezer lashed by constant blizzards, a visit to the Antarctic Peninsula is a surprise.

Antarctica and the Princess and the Pea

January 15, 2009

Even the fussy Princess in the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale might slumber peacefully in an Antarctic tent.

First aid, Antarctic style

January 15, 2009

This won’t hurt, I promise….

Training for a couple of weeks’ stay in a British Antarctic Survey research base on the Antarctic Peninsula, Reuters Television reporter Stuart McDill and I have learnt emergency first aid ranging from how to wield a scalpel to ways to bind up a person’s neck injured in a plane crash.

On Antarctic safaris, remember to bring a microscope

January 13, 2009

Many people hope to come back from a wildlife safari with close-up pictures of lions or elephants — this picture below is my best attempt from a search for the largest land animals in Antarctica.

Of science and stuffed polar bears in Antarctica

January 8, 2009

The U.S. Nathaniel B. Palmer research vessel has just set off for Antarctica where it will deploy a tiny unmanned yellow submarine beneath an ice shelf to seek clues to rising world sea levels, and carry out a series of other research projects. See story here.