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So what will the environmentally conscious consumer be buying this holiday season?

Not much, according to a new survey by BBMG, a New York brand innovation firm that focuses on sustainability.

Environmentally conscious consumers in the United States “are spending less but giving more this holiday season, focusing on local, homemade, organic, and donations to good causes as top gift choices that prize unique, memorable experiences over more stuff,” BBMG said in a statement.

In other words, they were not lining up at their local big box store at 3 a.m. on Black Friday to snag $29.99 DVD players.

BBMG defines what it calls “conscious consumers” as “youthful, wired, highly educated, majority female” who will pay more for environmentally beneficial products and who are “three times more likely to try new things” and “three times more likely to reward/punish a brand based on corporate practices.” BBMG claims that conscious consumers account for 30 percent of the U.S. population.