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California green lights controversial desalinization plant

December 3, 2010


The California Public Utilities Commission has approved a controversial desalinization plant for the Monterey Peninsula on the state‚Äôs central coast that will solve the region’s water woes but at a high price.

A better way to clean water?

April 22, 2010

Treating water for human consumption is costly and energy intensive. Is there a more efficient way to do it?

Overcoming the ‘ick’ factor of wastewater recycling

March 12, 2009

After an hourlong tour of the world’s largest wastewater recycling plant, where 70 milion gallons of pre-treated sewer discharge is distilled daily to help replenish the underground drinking supply of Orange County, California, I was led to a sink with a faucet. There I was presented with a plastic cup and invited to take a sip.