earth2tech: Smart Grid Stimulus Spending Capped Too Low

With more than $4 billion in stimulus funds allocated to the smart grid, utilities argue that the cap on spending for any one smart grid project is too low.

WSJ Environmental Capital: Al Gore: Passing the Climate Bill a ‘Moral Imperative’

Al Gore came back to Congress today to warn about the perils of climate change and throw his weight behind draft energy and climate legislation.

When it comes to sizing up the scope of the energy and climate challenge, forget pedestrian comparisons such as the Apollo or Manhattan projects—it’s time to think big.

cnet Green Tech: Q&A: Agassi’s Better Place idea–brilliant or nuts?

Shai Agassi is famously persuasive. With just an idea, he was able to raise $300 million to launch Better Place, a venture that plans to build electric car charging spots and battery switching stations in Israel, Denmark, San Francisco, and many other places. But industry executives have voiced skepticism the ambitious plan: Can one company build an electric vehicle charging infrastructure and operate it profitably?