A giraffe (left) was born at a wildlife park in south Norway last week but it lacks any interest in its mother’s milk.

Handlers at Kristiansand Dyrepark  (not the most tropical place for a giraffe to come into the world) have today managed to feed the unnamed week-old female from a bottle for the first time — virtually ramming the bottle down its neck (see picture below)

But the baby giraffe hasn’t figured out how to suck, and shows no interest in its mother. It had previously been fed from a drip inserted into its neck.

But how do you get a giraffe interested in its mother’s milk?

A local newspaper, Dagbladet, has even asked its readers for suggestions about how to help the already dangerously spindly creature. Among them:

– Smear the mother’s teats with honey.

– Pour half a litre of cooking oil down the baby’s throat — a farmer says that works with new-born calves whose digestive systems are blocked.