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NRG Energy to acquire SunPower solar farm for $450 million

November 30, 2010

California Valley Solar Ranch.png

A subsidiary of NRG Energy on Tuesday said it will invest up to $450 million in a 250-megawatt photovoltaic power plant to be built by Silicon Valley’s SunPower on the central California coast.

from Global Investing:

Turning to the sun

August 11, 2009

With oil prices more than doubling from Dec-Feb lows, those who are lucky enough to enjoy the sunshine are turning to the sun as alternative energy, but lingering effects of the credit crisis might be discouraging consumers from turning to this still-costly alternative energy.

Hybrids in, plastic bags out: Even energy CEOs are thinking greener

June 5, 2008

werner.jpgAt the Reuters Global Energy Summit this week, Reuters reporters and editors spent a lot of time talking to energy CEOs and other top industry executives about soaring oil prices, carbon caps, and the outlook for renewable energy sources like solar and wind.