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Walmart accused of hypocrisy in green initiatives

February 5, 2010



Just last month, Walmart announced that it would be moving to eliminate non-biodegradable plastic bags from stores across the United States to reduce their collection in landfills. While they’ve demonstrated positive green initiatives, this week there’s been accusations of hypocrisy because they’ve been passing off a harmful, manufactured textile as sustainable.

from The Great Debate:

For real results on climate, look beyond Copenhagen

December 11, 2009

-- Aron Cramer is the president and CEO of BSR, a global business network and consultancy focused on sustainability. He is also coauthor of the forthcoming book Sustainable Excellence (Rodale 2010). The views expressed are his own.  --

from Shop Talk:

The greening of Wal-Mart

June 5, 2009

walmartsustainable Wal-Mart, which helped promote the adoption of those funny-looking "green" lightbulbs, is making more room in its Sam's Club warehouse stores for environmentally friendly products -- including a water-saving toilet that has one button for flushing liquids and another for flushing solids.

Saving the planet (and money), one squirt at a time

October 10, 2008

ahec_bottle_line.jpgPlastic packaging has long been the bane of environmentalists, who see petroleum-based beverage bottles and shopping bags piling up in landfills as one of the biggest symbols of a wasteful society.

Wal-Mart kept NGO partnerships on the DL

March 13, 2008

leescott1.jpgWhen Wal-Mart decided it needed an environmental strategy, it asked for help from some of its biggest critics.