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Giant offshore wind turbines invade UK beaches! Will local residents resist?

June 17, 2010

wind beach.JPG

By Kwok W. Wan

This time, it was a total surprise.  In a taxi on the road towards the beach, Gunfleet Sands appeared out of no-where and without warning.  Huge offshore wind turbines lined the English horizon.

Attack of the giant offshore wind turbines?

April 21, 2010

Robin Rigg Wind Farm 2

by Kwok W. Wan

As I travelled up to Cumbria to visit E.ON’s offshore Robin Rigg wind farm in northwest England, I passed through the Lake District, a place famed for its natural beauty.  Out of the train window, I saw grassy banks, craggy hills, farm fields rolling into moody skies — and lines of giant electricity pylons.

Green Portfolio: Suzlon sizzles and Q-Cells misses

May 12, 2009

Indian wind turbine maker Suzlon Energy’s shares gained 8 percent on Tuesday, after sources told Reuters that Suzlon’s founders are looking to raise up to $48 million through the sale of a 2 percent stake in the world’s fifth-largest wind turbine maker.

Wacky windmill forces California highway shutdown

May 4, 2009

Turns out birds aren’t the only ones with a reason to steer clear of wind farms.

Another reason for bats to like Halloween

October 14, 2008

bat1.JPGHalloween is just around the corner, and it may be better than most years for one of Earth’s most unpopular species: the bat.