More work and less play for women around the world

March 12, 2014

The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development has a new report out for International Women’s Day showing how men and women in 26 different countries spend their time. It shows that women spent significantly more time during the day working without pay.

Here’s the percentage breakdown of unpaid work — childcare, household chores, etc. — for each country by gender, including the average (the bar on the far right):


Norway is the most egalitarian, with just 54% of unpaid work done by women. In Japan and Korea, it’s nearly 85%. Across 26 countries, women average more than an hour extra per day doing unpaid work. Interestingly, men and women spend about the same amount of time on eating, drinking, and personal care. However, men don’t use all of the extra time that women spend doing chores to do paid work: they also have more leisure time on average. Women also sleep slightly more.


To hammer the point home, check out this activity breakdown by country, with cute little gendered figures:


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