Let me sit down while I decide

Reuters Staff
Mar 10, 2006 15:33 UTC

Finnish company Golla makes mobile phone bags. Many, many mobile phone bags.


(Photo: Niclas Mika)

Look but don’t touch

Reuters Staff
Mar 10, 2006 15:24 UTC

As we reported, the race between competing formats for future DVDs appears to be wide open. Judging by this photo of a Sony Blu-ray player on display at CeBIT however, if anyone can come up with an HD DVD player that consumers can actually touch then that format may have a leg up.

(Photo: Niclas Mika)

Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC)

Reuters Staff
Mar 9, 2006 14:38 UTC


The Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) which was revealed with the Microsoft ‘Origami’ project.

Intel and Microsoft unveil Origami

Reuters Staff
Mar 9, 2006 14:22 UTC

Christian Morales (left), Vice President Sales and Marketing Group, General Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa for Intel, and Bill Mitchell, a vice president at Microsoft, holding the first Ultra Portable Personal Computers, or UMPCs.

Photo taken with Sony Cybershot. Reuters/Lucas van Grinsven

Video: Origami unwrapped at CeBIT

Reuters Staff
Mar 9, 2006 14:16 UTC

Reuters Reporters Matt Cowan and Lucas van Grinsven report on Origami as the story unfolds at CeBIT.

Designer TVs

Mar 8, 2006 21:32 UTC

tv_neovo.jpgHow do you stand out of the crowd when everyone makes cool flat television? You make them look cooler, like the design-award winning Neovo TV which hovers on an elegantly folded strip of metal.bunny.jpg

In the ferociously competitive consumer electronics industry, where the components inside the products are too similar to distinguish products from each other, design is becoming ever more important. This is why Korean challengers of the Japanese consumer electronics elite have hired hundreds of designers around the world in recent years.

And what if the cool factor does not work for you? Well, you can always make your TV look like a rabbit.

Football rules at CeBIT

Mar 8, 2006 21:07 UTC

goal.jpgIf you don’t know by now that the soccer World Cup finals will be held in Germany in three months then you are either a hermit without cable, or a citizen of a country where football refers to a sport where using your hands is the preferred way to pass the ball rather than a sure way out the game.

At CeBIT football, or soccer, is part of almost every other megabooth. Mobile phone maker BenQ Siemens laid out a pitch where visitors can practice their passing. At one of the many Samsung booths, visitors can relive the ultimate challenge of a penalty

The World Cup in June will be broadcast in both high definition television as well as digital mobile television signals. Technology, media and telecoms companies expect it will kickstart a wave of product renewals by consumers, ranging from HDTV sets and new cell phones to personal video recorders and DVD machines. Of course as two Xbox360 gamers show here, there will always be football video games to take up the time between real-world matches.

Universal Design

Mar 8, 2006 19:18 UTC

sink.jpgThese three pictures are of objects you might not expect to see at the world’s biggest electronics trade fest. They’re here to teach the geeks visiting CeBIT something about “good design”, or more specifically in this case “Universal Design”.

The objects are on show at the stand of International Forum Design, a respected design group that hands out awards at CeBIT every year. Universal Design is a school within IFD which promotes the design of objects in such a way that they can be used by everyone, young and old, fit or not.plate.jpg

The sink, (top left) although it doesnt shout it from a distance, can be used easily by people in wheelchairs. The bowl (right) has a clever rim which allows even people with shaking hands to scoop up the vermicelli in their soup. The measuring bowl (bottom left) can be read from the top, so you no longer have to lift it above your head to read it and risk spilling egg yolk down your neck.

Greetings from CeBIT 2006

Reuters Staff
Mar 8, 2006 19:13 UTC

Stay tuned to this link this week as Reuters correspondents blog the annual CeBIT technology fair live from freezing Hanover Germany.

CeBIT, which runs from March 9-15, is the world’s biggest telecoms and electronics fair. Now in its 20th year, CeBIT expects to attract more than 6,000 exhibitors and around half a million visitors this year, about the same number as in 2005.

One of the eagerly awaited announcements at this year’s CeBIT will be the unveiling of Microsoft’s mysterious Origami device, which has been teased for weeks on a website registered by the company (

Pssst…look behind you!

Mar 6, 2006 21:34 UTC

Bird York performs the song “In The Deep” – the first production number in Oscar history to intentionally be a flaming car wreck. (REUTERS/Gary Hershorn)